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Unholy alliance


Recently the collapse of a housing unit in the Tulungatung Resettlement Site had become as hot as a piece of burning ember in media reports from early morning till night for a few days. So much had been said on all angles from media reporters to commentators, recipients to city officials as well as the construction counterpart.

Fear, apprehension, doubt, suspicion, exasperation, consternation, accusation, ect. had been expressed or voiced out by those who are concerned including those who are not. Mind you, this is not the only construction project unfolded in the limelight, but many others in the past. There were roads, bridges, river ripraps, school buildings and the most publicized defective project is the Sangguniang Panlungsod building. After a lot of criticisms and raging commentaries, the defects were allegedly treated, corrected, mended or whatever, but what's appeasing enough is that the blazing issue subsided and died gradually with the passing of time. After all, who cares to talk about it months later or next year?

Be that as it may, have you ever observed that every time an issue about defective government project crops up and strikes light a lightning in media, there are talks blowing in the wind that the said project was substandard and defective because the budget of the project had been surreptitiously reduced or deducted or decreased for the commission of certain privileged rascals? You heard about it, haven't you? How much, 10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent? Is this still true to this day?

Criticts blurted: The malpractice has not stopped, even getting worse.

We've heard about some private contractors who have deliberately committed breached of contract with the city government in the implementation of certain projects. But to our dismay there have been no report in media of a shrewd contractor accused and imprisoned. Do you know why?

According to a friend in broadcast media, certainly nobody dares squeeze the neck of a contractor for he'll be compelled to spill out the truth of the traditional commission. And so recalcitrant contractor arrogantly gets out of the pitfall un scathed, and simply feign for the bidding of another government project.

Obviously most public officials are trying to impress the sovereign people that they are bringing unlimited projects for the upliftment of their lives which eventually will redeem them from the bondage of poverty. But the truth of the matter, they are making big money out of the commission from those projects as what happened in the scandalous Napoles pork barrel scam. Matter of fact, two senators are still languishing in their solitary confinement to this day. Do you agree that there exists an unholy alliance between the private contractors and these zealous officials? If not, prove it. (By Jack Edward Enriquez)

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