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Without having to mention names, for it’s a given, our implementing officials must comed own to earth and wake up to reality.

This no parking directive in practically all sideroads and streets is a killing machine. It kills business, and it kills people with unnecessary exertion of efforts in looking for a place to park.

Take the case of small carenderias that are sprouting almost everywhere, and mostly along city roads and streets, how can they provide parking spaces for customers, small earners as they are. Notwithstanding the motorists desire to park legally, there is just no such space within the distance. So, it’s either their customers go elsewhere to eat or park there risking apprehension.

That’s a stressful inconvenience. And stress kills.

Do our implementing leaders want our pitiful legal earners to resort to illegal means to save their respective family from starving to death for loss of income?

And take my personal experience yesterday along Gov. Camins Ave., I only needed a pack of pork and beans, and stopped beside a small convenience store. At no moment at all, a police mobile ship-sided with me and tapped on my side window, and the policeman motioned, “Out.”  So, I had to reason out, “Brod, bien ancho el camino, y hende man yo alkansa sinco minuto adentro. Entende tamen (Brod, the road is wide, and I won’t last five minutes. Please do understand.)

He answered, “Sinco munito.” (Five minutes). I then hastened in, and did not stay even for two minutes inside. Store was out of pork and beans. Whew… with all that stress to boot!

I then moved on, and saw a sari-sari store, no choice Garden Orchid Hotel. I parked and before even switching off the engine, a female police approached and said, “No parking.”

“Look, Lady, my engine is on, and I am seated behind the wheel, is this parking?” she looked at me aimlessly and turned her back. I then called out the helper and ordered, this time, a can of pork and beans. I paid and moved on, saluting the policewoman.

Point is, what if it was not a Jimmy Cabato in both instances, would the police have given in? I doubt.

There lies the idiocy of that no parking order on sides of roads and street.

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Western Mindanao Command (WesMinCom) chief Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez is quick on the draw. Receiving reports of foreign terrorists in hiding with the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in Mindanao, wasting no time, he immediately ordered military intelligence units to intensify intelligence gathering.

Galvez said these foreign terrorists who are connected with the ISIS have slipped into the country through the backdoor even before the Marawi siege erupted last year.

Recently, the military and the police arrested a Morrocan and an Egyptian who are allegedly members of the ISIS.

“We are trying our best to prevent these terror groups from providing financial assistance to their counterparts in this part of Mindanao,” Galvez stressed.

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On-leave Chief Justice Lordes Sereno vowed not to quit amid “all kinds of lies, threats, harassment, and bullying” being thrown her way as her impeachment trial looms on the horizon.

To that, Malacañang on Friday said President Duterte does not need to bully embattled Chief Justice (CJ) Maria Lourdes Sereno as this is already being done by her colleagues in the Supreme Court.

Correct. The admission is laid in crystal clear median. Duterte does not have to bully, too. Sereno is having enough, that’s why. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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