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De masa deberas el diaton presidente (Our presidents is truly a man of the masses.”

Hearing that Duterte was here yesterday to stand as principal sponsor in a wedding rite, made me scamper around curious about who the personalities are to draw a president all the way from Manila to this city.

If you are just as curious, here is the answer - the bride is part of a security detail of the PSG (Presidential Security Guard) assigned with the president. The groom was her batchmate in the Philippine National Police Academy, and is now a police officer himself.

And it happens, the groom comes from a political stalwart family in Panamao, Sulu, the Abdurajaks.

But to SS, it is not politic s that drove him here. It was simply with his “pangmasa” mind-set, in that not really the moneyed and the influential that can attract his company.

Those are the bits and pieces of the couple who managed luring the highest official of the land to grace their occasion. Congratulations and best wishes, guys.

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Hereunder innocently written item unexpectedly drew reactions on my timeline, messenger and texts. Here are a few lines. “Without having to mention names, for it’s a given, our implementing officials must come down to earth and wake up to reality.

This no parking directive in practically all sideroads and streets is a killing machine. It kills business, and it kills people with unnecessary exertion of efforts in looking for a place to park.

Take the case of small carenderias that are sprouting almost everywhere, and mostly along city roads and streets, how can they provide parking spaces for customers, small earners as they are. Notwithstanding the motorists’ desire to park legally, there is just no such space within the distance. So, it’s either their customers go elsewhere to eat or park there risking apprehension.

That’s such a stressful inconvenience. And stress kills.

Do our implementing leaders want our pitiful legal earners to resort to illegal means to save their respective family from starving to death for loss of income?...

There lies the idiocy of that no parking order on sides of roads and street.”

Here are some comments.

Joey Batausa - Right! Where in the hell did they get that idea of no parking? On both sides pa gyod! That won't even ease the traffic problem. What we need is a little COURTESY and DISCIPLINE on the part of the drivers. That's it! No need for useless ordinances.

A brief “seconding of the motion.”

Isidoro Espinosa - Pregunta lng kits na LTO porke nuay COURTESY AND DISCIPLINE maga drivers?

And Haj Sanny Sandag - Buenas Noches a todos. Puede gaha kita sabe c quien bright boys and girls yan conceive this no parking order on various streets without taking into consideration the effect and consequences to small time business operators like carenderia and sari sari stores? Same goes with clienteles of various government offices and agencies like Deped, Ched, GSIS, etc... considering these establishments and offices does not have parking lots to offer for their customers and clients? The law might have good motives and intentions but they should have first seen to it the welfare and effect to the people especially those who have less in life. These lawmakers should have first consulted the Common Tao before adopting measures that is Anti People, anti poor. Legislations nowadays must not be automatic but realistic and futuristic.

My brief answer. If it is the Revised Traffic Code of Zamboanga City in play today, I think I know its author. He, being a friend resting in peace now,  his identity I opt to keep in secrecy for the moment. And to be sure, tomorrow, a Monday, I will check for the details.

In the meantime, we repeat - “Without having to mention names, for it’s a given, our implementing officials must come down to earth and wake up to reality….”

Pease go slow on it, and check “the idiocy of that no parking order on sides of roads and street.” (By Jimmy Cabato)

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