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Political consequences


I just read the headline that Mayor Celso Lobregat was BY-PASSED by President P-Noy and it was the Mayor of Dipolog, Hon. Evelyn Uy who was appointed as Regional Development Council Chairmanship. Despite the fact that our Mayor won the selection process by getting 24 votes out of 43, and to make matters worst, this is the third (3rd) time that our Good Mayor was by-passed for the same position. First in 2004, second in 2007, and now in 2010. OH MY GOD! QUE BARBARIDAD!

How can this happen? I ran with the Opposition against the party of the Mayor but siempre in a case like this, amor propio ya este. We want our Mayor to sit. Of course the reason is very clear; we want more projects to come in our City. No argument there.

But how can we understand this Political fiasco repeating for 3x under 2 different Presidents? I think we have to go back to what happened 10 months ago. I hope I will not be viewed as Political Butterfly, but I simply want to state a political truth, and that is- We get the kind of political consequences based on the political choices that we have made.

Last May 2010 was the Local and National Election, and as an Opposition-headed by Dalipe- we supported Erap and Binay’s Candidacy. Congressman Fabian supported Villar and Congresswoman Climaco supported P-Noys Candidacy. Mayor Lobregat, however refused to name any Presidentiable as his candidate and danced all the way to the election without supporting anyone. In fact, if we believe in loose talks around town, the Sisters  and even  Nonoy Aquino himself, personally went to the Mayor to ask for his support, but to no avail. In fact, all the other Presidentiables- Villar, Teodoro and even Erap- sought the support of  our Mayor, pero nuay ni unu diila ya suporta el Mayor. WHY ? Nobody really knows. Basta No Gusta me!

And we know what happened. To the surprise of many political so-called analyst and experts, the Opposition bet Erap and Binay won convincingly in Zamboanga City, second was Nonoy Aquino and  Villar. To make matters worse, this was one of the very few major Cities that Nonoy Aquino lost, despite the repeated assurances and money of the “Yellow Boys.”

To make the matter tastier, allow me to add some more spices. Ha-ha-ha. At the time when the City’s Opposition-headed by Dalipe- went to the Liberal Party Office in Quezon City, to take oath as their Official Candidate in Manila, the higher-ups of the LP received a very disturbing telephone call that Mayor is going to support the then Presidentiable Candidate-Noynoy Aquino. LP was in a quagmire. What happened next was history but because LP believed in this assurance and the promise, the Opposition’s oath taking was cancelled. That was the greatest balancing act of 2010. Of course, the Liberal Party Decision was proven wrong since most of their Candidates, if not all, LOST and was ABANDONED in the last hours of the election campaign in Zamboanga City. Este el duele conel LP aqui na Zamboanga City. Supposed LP Country el Zamboanga, perdido el LP aqui!

El problema, todo se maga “hide-n-seek maneuvers” yan buking cuando ya sale ya el resulta del election. Nonoy Aquino, Manny Villar, Gibo Teodoro and Erap Estrada and their followers and supporters all came to know all the hidden manuevers. And now we are receiving the political consequences of said choices. Ya perde kita Padrino na Manila.

Now, who is suffering all these political fiasco. In 2004, because of the refusal of the Mayor to support GMA during election and because of the biggest margin of loss that she sustained in Zamboanga, yan order el Presidente immediate transfer of  all Regional Offices to Pagadian City.

Ara 2010, cosa ya tamen kaha clase golpe el sinti el Zamboanga. Ese RDC Chair starting pa lang. Sampol pa lang. WE AS A PEOPLE SHOULD LEARN FROM THESE MISTAKES. What may be convenient to us locally-meaning good for our local candidates—may not be good for the National Candidates, and we always needs to remember that Zamboanga is not an Island but a part of the greater National Politics.

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