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Sorry for the missed edition yesterday on fb and today in print.

Was busy helping Baliwasan Cap Aimie who conducted two big activities in one day - opening of the yearly Inter-zonal Basketball tournament in Baliwasan, and the conduct of a free Basketball Clinic tutored no less than by a country standout, an NBA Mythical Five,  Rhayan Amsali.

The activity lasted until evening and resumes today continuously until championship day.

Some 18 teams in the community are participating in the tourney.

Guest of honor in the opening rites that was preceded by a motorcade, was Cong. Celso Lobregat, largely believed a comebacking city mayor.

In his speech, Lobregat cited in brief the history of the Baliwasan Interzonal Basketball Tournament, saying it was started by a Cabato way back in 1979 - and that is your humble servant, Jimmy Cabato. This, Lobregat said, was carried on as a legacy by two other Cabatos - Boday and then Aimie.

There are, however certain things unknown, especially to the younger generation. When this Cabato initiated the basketball event in Baliwasan, he was no barangay official yet. This humble self was then the manager of DXYZ-AM and DXTY-FM. But the activity went on for three straight years in a manner to be laid down below. From then, I became a barangay captain in 1982. Serving as such, the tourney lasted four more years until I became city councilor, leaving the barangay stewardship to the then number one kagawad.

From then on, nothing was heard of any such athletic competition in Baliwasan.

It resumed only 28 years later when son Boday rose to be barangay captain.

Serving for four and half years as such, he then rose as an elected city councilor. Good thing, it was sister Aimie who was at No.1, for two straight terms as Kagawad.

Taking over as Capitana, she then continued the legacy for two years now. If she she remains, as we   believe, she will, the show will surely go on.

Also, little known is, and in which Baliwasan takes pride, is to be acknowledged as the only barangay in the entie city where participants are free of all charges in basketball tournaments - these include free jerseys, no entrance fees, no charges for officiating referees and table officials.

They just get in and play to their heart’s content.

That’s how the Cabatos work. Power up, Boday, Aimie.

And Mayor Celso chipped in jest one more comment. – “Tu galeh, Jim ta carga-carga ya lang bag ara.”

I smiled and said, “Order di Mrs.”

X x x x X

More anomalies in ballot boxes from Naga City, the hometown and bailiwick of Vice President Z(?) Leni Robredo, were uncovered in the official recount of the 2016 vice presidential race.

The discovery prompted the camp of former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to question the validity of the votes, as it did earlier with boxes found in Bato and Baoa towns in the same Robredo bailiwick province.

At the continuation of the recount supervised by the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), revisors found cut grass inside wet ballot boxes.

Marcos spokesman Vic Rodriguez said this was yet another indication of poll fraud and bolstered beliefs that the evidence in Marcos’ election protest against Robredo had been compromised.

“We are convinced that more evidence of fraud, ballot box tampering and vote padding are to come out, validating our case that the 2016 election for vice president is the worse in history,” Rodriguez said, in a statement.

He also pointed to last week’s discovery of unused or excess ballots that had shaded votes for Robredo, ballots cut into half, and wet ballots in several clustered precincts in Camarines Sur.

The alte Jesse must churning in his grave. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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