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Their Agility Had Beaten the Slumbering Policemen


The worst news which had bothered many Zamboangueños yesterday morning—April 10, was the puzzling prison break of some 17 detainees from the Tetuan Police Station. The circumstances were pretty incredible to believe, to wit: the tool which the escapees used was only an ordinary saw that had broken the prison’s thick steel-chain, and their number which was as staggering as 17 heads!

Just think about the unnecessary noise which that particularly saw produced. Even the cockroaches inside the Tetuan Police Station might have heard it loud and clear, as many Zamboangueños commented. Else, the policemen then at that time were just simply dead asleep,thus, the noise might have been fully unheard by them. Secondly, the detainees had sneaked from the cell to the Police Station’s door—with their number, without the authorities noticing them. Can you maybe buy such a lousy reason?

Indeed, there were definite questions which the public crazily demanded the policemen, yesterday morning, to explain. Barangay eMedia’s textline continued to buzz in the entire morning yesterday, condemning such negligence to the part of the Tetuan policemen. Albeit, the latter something immediately redeemed their integrity by soon capturing most of the escapees in no time. The immediate action of all the Zamboanga policemen was also pretty remarkable.

Accordingly, the jailbreak took place at 3:30 dawn yesterday. Barangay eMedia conveyed a special coverage about the incident as early as 4 AM. One of the escapees had even passed Barangay eMedia by taking a public utility van (PUV) heading towards the East Coast. But it was unfortunate for the said escapee because the TaskForce Zamboanga (TFZ), which has a checkpoint in Divisoria, was also informed of the personalities of the detainees by the police.

Definitely, the Tetuan policemen, at the particular watch of the jailbreak, will face administrative charges. By all means, their negligence is a wrong precedence. Other lawless elements can easily think that the authorities are something backboneless and do not have what it takes to control them. Besides, such is as well an implied or even an embarrassment, which our City police must have to overcome in any way possible.

The Tetuan Police Station is now in the limelight again, but not as a champion in enforcing the law. Even its station commander may also be investigated, via the principle of command responsibility. The escapees were mostly involved to cases of violation to drug trafficking. Because they are still detainees, it was a big mistake for them to break a prison.

Detainees are not convicts. In fact, they can just bail-out their freedom by posting a corresponding bond. The law expressly provides that they are still innocent and until proven beyond reasonable doubt by the court, it will always be their Constitutional right to post a bond. Hence, by running away from the law, they something have indirectly shown that they are pre-maturely guilty to the accusations against them.

Some of the escapees were apprehended in the residences of their relatives. Obviously, through their actions, the former were extremely scared, so that the first place they ran onto was the safest that they could think of. There was one which was apprehended in Tugbungan, while inside the restroom of his relative’s house.

According to the official report of the police, the escapee surrendered to them. The latter did, due to the strong persuasions of his relatives. And when interviewed by Barangay eMedia, the escapee said that he had no intention to run away, thus he wanted to surrender again. As they say blood is always thicker than water.

To the writing of this column, there are still those who remained to be at large, but the re-awakened policemen—this time not just the Tetuan Police but the 11 Polices Stations all over, are already in their manhunt operations for the immediate re-capture of the remaining escapees. Anyways, what be their choice? Beside that it is their clear job, they must at the same time re-assure the general public that they are the ones which are in control, and not the latter.

“O Lord, I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells. Do not sweep my soul away with sinners nor my life with bloodthirsty men, in whose hands are evil devices, and whose right hands are full of bribes. But as for me, I shall walk in my integrity; redeem me, and be gracious to me.” (Ps. 26:8-11, ESV)

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