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AGAIN,  they’re on honeymoon. “Asta aura taman honeymoon pa sila?” rebuked a fellow TV viewer who missed their weekly regular session yesterday, April 10.

So, on April 24, there’ll be out again! “No session on April 24, because of the PRISAA games. Ta invita canaton c (Consehal) Bong (Atilano),” declared its council floor-leader Councilor Sang Jimenez from Dist. 1. The PRISAA games, a yearly national sports-fest amongst private schools—all colleges and universities, nationwide, will have its venue for this year in Bacolod City. So, there you are, man travel ya tamen estos. “Alli bien alisto gat sos,” scorned another from the audience in the gallery while the session was ongoing—specifically, while tackling other matters.

“But, we’ll still meet by next regular sessionon Tuesday, April17. Then, we’ll meet already by May3, Thursday,” sounded off Jimenez further as their session adjourned.

BUT, not to be ignored, though, was the two resolutions passed by new Councilor Lit-Lit Macrohon from Dist. 1. The former  San Roque barangay captain brought to the attention of the august body about the difficulty to find a parking area for those transacting business with City Hall. So, this is one concern they better look into, cay bien dasucan ya de vehiculo alli na vicinidad del diatom City Hall. But, what I gathered from the office of our City Engr. Chris Navarro, there’s one available parking lot for the public, especially for the clientele of the city hall, and that’s the former Pichay Studio site fronting our historic Plaza Pershing. The so-called terminal site for Pujs whose route covers the stretch from downtown up to Brgy.Divisoria and its adjoining villages, can accommodate a pretty significant number of mvs, to include those private cars whose mv owners intend to transact their papers with City Hall. “Poreso, debe yalang man transfer yakita el diatom City Hall to another suitable site outside our extremely-crowded main poblacion. Plano kete plano lang, of which the latest we gathered it’d be relocated somewhere in Brgy. Cabatangan near the former LTP complex. It’s long overdue, considering this transfer issue involving our old City Hall at the heart of our overpopulated city, has been talked about decades past, already. Tiempo pa se del mga otro administracion ta uwi ya kita se cay cambia ya dao cunese City Hall diaton, peroasta aura ta cay langsiemprenacuento. Ay ke barbaridad!” quipped an old folk in mi ciudad when this issue cropped up the other day.

ANOTHERsalient concern brought to fore by the young new city legislator Lit-Lit, was the unlighted major thoroughfare that stretches from near Westmincom Hqtrs. up to the famous old golf course of the (Brgy.) Upper Calarian beach resort. Macrohon urged his colleagues in the council to back him up as he earnestly came up with an urgent measure, calling out on ZCWD and even the DPWH, to fast-track their respective construction projects on both sides of its lone main road leading to the city’s west-coast. The ZCWD is currently trying to complete its still ongoing major pipe-laying/restoration project while the DPWH is likewise undergoing its herculean road widening project, as well.

The young city alderman who just sat as a member of the august body— in lieu of the disqualification case filed vs. the eventually-ousted (Dist. 1) Councilor Charlie Mariano for supposed moral turpitude hurled against him by some “yellow” camp council bets of lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar shortly before the May 2016 conduct of its presidential/local elections, as ruled by the Comelec en-banc early this year, expressed grave concern over the reported continuous possible more road mishaps, unless these two still unfinished major road projects be well expedited on time, so that this affected national road of the city in its west-coast portion, be again fully well lightedby our power coop, that’s Zamcelco. It was learned that Zamcelco, much as it’s now desirous to provide light to this particular street, yet it has to wait for the transfer and the eventual erection of its permanent concrete electric posts, till these two separate ongoing construction works for such projects be fully completed. As to when? That’s a big question mark to answer by them. ZCWD, the other day, pledged to complete its works by March. Yet, until now, we still can see its many unaccomplished portions of those ruined roads that they need to better restore to its good shape, as required by any MOA or whatever contract they entered into with their contracting party or parties.

‘Bien ma problema gayot kita ki na diaton ciudad,” sighed, in utter disgust, Lit-Lit. I suppose Lit-Lit would rather want to serve in the executive branch of gov’t than in the legislative branch. “Cay, para cigi lang na di-ila dress-code, as so required in their own house rules, most of them—the majority in the august body—don’t even heed, at all. Ke clase de august o honorable body ke tiene el conseho este mga tiempo?” rued a veteran council habitué.

I bet Councilor Macrohon would concur with this corner 100 percent. That’s my own personal assessment. Thanks for reading me today. Keep in touch, guys. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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