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Anytime this week SS might go missing for a day or two, depending on time availability and net services.

Will again embark on a trip somewhere. You will know when and where by then.

An 87-year old died reportedly after engaging in a sexual act with a still unidentified woman, who left him an hour after they checked in at the Bulls Eye Motel in Canelar Moret last Saturday.

The man was found lying unconscious with a sexual stimulant kin his breast pocket inside the room. Police are continuing operations to identify and locate the woman.

But is not so clear to SS if that word “unconscious” means he was still alive.

If alive, then the escape of his partner would indicate misdeed on her part, thus liable for the man’s death.

But then, even if actually dead, she may still be held liable for she is not a medical authority or probably a trained medic to determine the state of being of the man. It is then correct for the police to exert efforts to locate the woman.

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Starting April 15, the whole stretch of San Jose Rd. from entrance to Normal Rd. up to start of Mayor Ledesma St.,  at the junction of Mayor CCC Ave, will be reopened to two-way traffic.

This comes as the Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) has declared the completion of its pipelaying restoration project in the area.

This will then lessen the burden of commuters who have to crisscross somewhere to reach town.

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The Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) yesterday assured  that there will be no power outages during the conduct of the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections.

Zamcelco General Manager, Engr. Edgardo Ancheta said the power coop has sufficient electricity being supplied by different power producers, assuring that the public of power, especially during the counting of the ballots.

But then again, this will also depend on the NGCP lines, he cautioned, expressing the hope, there will be no untoward incident that will cause a snap of the lines because that is already beyond our control.

One such incident is the intentional blasting of power lines and/or transmission towers.

Togedther with GM Ed, let us pray.

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Probably for her big mouth, on-leave Justice Sec. Ma. Lourdes Sereno has earned the ire of Pres. Duterte, prompting the latter to spew a vow to help expedite her removal from office.

Duterte issued the statement after Sereno, in a speech, asked the President to explain why it was Solicitor General Jose Calida who filed the quo warranto petition against her when he was working for him. The Chief Justice said this was unconstitutional.

Visibly piqued, President Duterte, during his pre-departure speech, said he has had enough of Sereno placing the blame on him when he already told the Chief Justice that he is not in the habit of going after his political enemies.

Speaking in Pilipino, Suterte said, “Sereno, I already told you that I am not meddling with this. If you are insisting, then count me in. Count me in and I will egg (on) Calida to do his best. I will personally lobby against you.

This time, SS quotes him in Pilipino, as it dramatizes his anger, “Now, sige ka diyan, dakdak ka nang dakdak, upakan kita (Now, you keep on yakety yakking, I will now clobber you.) (By Jimmy Cabato)

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