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Who’s most accountable?


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WHO’s most accountable in the recent mass jailbreak that happened at the wee hours of the morning last Tuesday?

According to one legal luminary, it depends, although, if to follow its chain of command, even its highest in-command can’t escape his/her own accountability, at all. “If we’re to follow strictly its so-called chain of command responsibility, even its topmost superior in that particular station where the crime took place, can’t escape culpability or accountability, at all. In other words, all while on duty at that very moment, can be held liable.” That’s his very stern own version of the law. Others might have their own interpretation or version of the supposedsame law under our revised penal code or criminal law.


RADIO or TV accounts have it that as of this writing, only one remains at-large, out of the 16, as reports said, bolted the Tetuan police detention cell under the very noses of their guards. Whatever happened that very unguarded moment, to say the least? According to initial reports, one alleged accomplice, an outsider, was a suspect behind the mass escape of these now all-accounted detainees, except for just one who, as of the latest updates coming from radio reports, must have managed to slip through the tight police cordon, and is now somewhere down south where he is said to be a native of.

OUR lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar has reportedly given her marching orders to our police here—that means to no less our ZCPO director S/Supt. Neri Ignacio, to immediately effect their recapture, and bring them all back to their detention cell in police station (6), Tetuan.

WHY do you think they were tempted to carry out such a daring act to escape?

“JUN, I tell you, dol sardinas sila lla adentro. I just visited their detention cell the other day, because I had one client inside, y bien dasucan sila lla adentro,” concurred top legal luminary Atty. “Tongo” Climaco, Jr.

ACCORDINGLY, the Tetuan detention cell has its allowable number of inmates for detention of only from 10 to 12.”But, I found out there were about more or less 50 insideat that time of my visit there,” Atty. “Tongo” Climaco rued.


THE mere fact they are just mere suspects, hence, not yet convicts, our authorities concerned, like the BJMP itself, should better address this particular woe under its mantle. Aba-aba nu puede ancha se ila mga detention cells? They should always bear in mind these people, though jailed, are still, under the law, considered innocent, unless proven otherwise, or guilty. And, records of theirs speak for themselves, that their substantial scores have been freed later, as they were discovered to be mere fall guys, or wrongly and maliciously implicated by their accusers having evil designs against them. Quire decir, manada lli innocente, and to be incarcerated in an inhumane situation like, for instance, inside the extremely jam-packed Tetuan police detention cell, what a revolting qualm they must have developed inside them while there languishing in their prison cells whose stench smells like hell!

THIS is, again, a wakeup-call to all our authorities concerned. We have to better improve all our detention facilities all throughout the country where most of these jailed inmates are said incarcerated due to drug cases. Right here in our very own ZC jail station, according to their own statistics, most of their detainees are facing charges that are related to illegal drugs. “About 60 to 80 percent of them are drug-related offenders,” affirmed one jail official who talked on condition of anonymity.

See? (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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