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Rains & Flood in a Summertime…


It happened on Wednesday early evening, April 11. It started as a moderate trickle until it became a strong downfall for more than 30 minutes. Many Zamboangueños were stranded then at downtown, because the rains did fall timely on the closing time of most shopping centers in the City heart. There were also countless of single motorcycles which cannot just continue to run in the rains, so they were stuck-up amongst shades on buildings they could hide-on.

The writer was on a training session, from 7-8PM at that time. He was inside an airconditioned room, so the sound of the early trickles was not felt by him and the rest. But when all left the building, most of them were also stranded and had to wait for more than 30 minutes. In that short span of time, it was pretty incredible to see that most of the streets in downtown were right away flooded!

An obvious problem in La Bella, in those nick of time, resurfaced again—if not all, most of our City’s drainage system are indeed clogged with filthy trashes. In this wise, all of us are to be blamed! By opinion, the rains and the sudden flood, two nights ago, is a wake-up call to Zamboangueño people. Unless we change to how we recklessly dispose our trashes, it will not be a wonder that one day the worse may just shock us.

We already have seen on TV when real floods—strong deluge, wrought horrible havocs against houses and homes on low-lying places in Metro Manila and other metropolises in the country. Would we want them to also happen here in La Bella? God forbid! The worst trashes which clog our drainage everywhere are plastic materials. It only takes one precise and simple discipline, by all and not just by the few, to save a generation.

Yes, such is pretty possible! Singapore and other leading countries which treat their garbage seriously are our good examples. One thing more, the strong political will of their national and local leaders are also crucial in their transformation to be GREEN-conscious. They follow the cascading principle—their followers easily emulate their leaders.

How is that here in Zamboanga City, whew! Many want to be leaders but only a few—scarcely few, want to be leaders by example. Think about this ugly one, some two days ago, a fellow mediaman posted in his Facebook wall of some traffic policemen who were on their operation to apprehend traffic violators. Nice, ain’t it?

Albeit, two amongst the five drove their own motorcycles without helmets! Did the law enforces also guilty in violating the traffic rules, what do you think? Or were they something immune that they could not be touched by their fellow policemen? It’s an open embarrassment to the PNP,they roamed around in the open public clearly violating a traffic rule! But not surprising anymore, neither the LTO nor their fellow-policemen, posting amongst the places they passed, dared to apprehend them.

With regards to either the law or to the rules, their applications should not be selective. They ought to apply impartially to all of the citizens in the Republic. Such is just one of the many examples which the Zamboangueños and the Filipinos in general must need to breakthrough. The situation though is not fully hopeless. We still have the ripening time to change. They should come from two origins—first, from our leaders, the second, from all of us.

There should be some few to start the first steps, so that the rest may just follow. All of us dream to live a better life. The start of it is not tomorrow, it is today. Such is a decision that we ought to make. It is also a deliberate one and never a passive thing. Why many do not like it, because the same challenge is a higher road, where not much are willing to pay the expensive price.

“God has gone up with a shout,the Lord with the sound of a trumpet. Sing praises to God, sing praises!Sing praises to our King, sing praises! For God is the King of all the earth; sing praises with a psalm! God reigns over the nations;God sits on his holy throne.” (Ps. 47:5-8, ESV)

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