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Tetuan Police Station conducive to escape


It will be recalled that Tetuan Police Station was established after the activation of Zamboanga City Police Office in 1994.

The Police Station was temporarily housed in a small area under Tetuan Barangay Hall together with the Fire Station at the side.

Barangay Tetuan is the premier Barangay having the highest number of Population at that time where some prominent Businessmen and Local Officials were also residing an the area.

The transfer of Tetuan Police Station to an appropriate area with enough space for Parking, Detention and Office space are available was expected but unfortunately it has remained in the same old place with limited area as a premiere Police Station where it was temporarily housed24 years ago.

Failure of Legal Authorities for a long time to initiate the relocation of the Police Station to a spacious area has made it conducive to escape incident of its detainees due to lack of sanitary and secured detention cell and lack of decent office space for its Police Personnel.

The immediate transfer of the Tetuan Police Station is deemed necessary without prejudice to filing of appropriate criminal and Administrative charges under the doctrine of command responsibility and one strike Policy of the PNP against its personnel who are liable for negligence and infidelity in the custody of detainees where 12 detainees escaped from Tetuan Police Detention Cell dawn of 10 April 2018.

Whether all escapees are recaptured or not the Police Personnel involved are still liable for negligence.

The PNP one strike Policy is very effective because it serves a good lesson to the successor of the Victim of said Policy to be more dedicated, anticipative, creative and industrious in the performance of his duties to prevent from committing the blunder of his predecessor. (By Rev. Rex G. Miravite)

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