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SS comes out after all. Plannded trip moved to later date.  But am not so sure of Monday’s’. Just kdeep watch please.

The Philippine Astronomical and Geophysical Admnistration (PAGASA) evidently blunderred in its announcement yesterday, marking the day as the the offiicial start of summer.

But everydody in town must have expeirenced last night the heavy downpour of rain from about 8 pm to late dawn.

Daughter Aimie, Bali Barangay Captain and son Boday Cabato, city councilor  had a sleepless night monitoring develpopments, especially in Manggal Drive, where flooding normally starts. They vividly remember that right the day after the final end of the 2013  infamous Zamboanga Siege was declared over, inundation wreaked havoc to Baliwasan and to some 15 other Barangays.

That  problem proved the mettle of the duo who teamed up in managing a crisis situation.

Hunreds upon hundreds of Baliwaseños had to seek refuge in two centers - The Baliwsasan Central School and gratifyingly, too, the Hji Mahmud Jammang Institute, under the administration of the Jammangs.

As a father, SS cannot help but take pride - with humility though - in saying that it was only in Baliswsan that evacuees where required to bring only their clothings and dinerware, consisting of plates, spoons and forks.

No kitchenwares needed. No fuel, etc.   Boday and Aimie barangay employees and voluteers led  by  their brother Cocoy’s wife did all the cooking for and in serving them.

Worst experience of theirs was at the end of the crisisis, when reimbursement time for their chsh advance for expenses came. The City Council Secretariat overlooked including the ravage-torn Baliwasan under its declartion of  a State of Emergency.

To think, the author of the resoluion was your humble servant, then a city councilor. How could he have mised mentioning Baliwasan for he knew how Bali was being ravaged then by the storm. And when a remedial resolution was adopted in the hope of curing the defect, the City Accounting Office turned it down, claiming the state of emegency had lapsed.

Alas, poor Boday and Aimie.

Therefore, we thank God that the rains that poured on the day PAGASA declared as the the official start of the dry season, did not cuase a second crisis.

Praise God, the downpour lessened in the ending part of dawn.

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Police manhunt operations continue with the support of other law enforcement agencies to recapture a lone detainee who remains at large.

The elusive  escapee is Sulayman Sali, who is facing illegal drug charges.

Recall, 16 detainees had escaped from the detention cell of the Police Station 6 early Tuesday, and 15 of them have either surrendered or captured separately by pursuing policemen.

The detainees escaped around 2:50 a.m., Tuesday after one of them, William Parajado, cut the detention cell’s padlock with a hacksaw. The two station guards on duty tried but failed to stop when 16 of the 58 detainees ran past them and fled in different directions. Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent Neri Vincent Ignacio, ZCPO director, relieved P/Sup Hadjiri Langgal as chief of Police Station 6, and 20 of his men, who were on duty when the jailbreak happened were ordered relieved.

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Sen. Richard Gordon on Wednesday released the draft report of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee that found former President Benigno S. Aquino III, former Budget secretary Florencio Abad, and former Health secretary Janette Garin criminally liable for causing the damage and possible deaths resulting from the government’s anti-dengue vaccination program.

The seeming scam is believed to haved been a vehicle to raise campaign funds for the immediately schecdule polls.

This is the prided Tuwid na Daan. Salamagan (By Jimmy Cabato)

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