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It’s the Election Fever Again


It officially started last Saturday—April 14, when the different candidates of the coming barangay elections had filed their certificates of candidacy (COC) in the COMELEC office. And then on that same day also, at twelve midnight, the necessary gun ban was imposed all over the Republic. How do you think such regulation may affect the existing loose firearms in La Bella? We shall see then in the following days, if indeed the Zamboangueño people can fully obey the law.

Tens, and even hundreds, had proceeded to file early their candidacy. Obviously, there were new faces, especially amongst the Sangguniang  Kabataan (SK). Such sign is a good indication that politics is something pretty alive and kicking here in Zamboanga City. As they say new hopefuls carry new platforms. The public will just have to give them the chance.

Meaning, everything is in the hands of the electorate. One thing more, the people are now wiser in their exercise to suffrage, unlike in the past years. Talking about the real election in La Bella, the people cannot just be easily swayed by money. There are those who shall definitely take the money but will also vote their own chosen candidates.

With the advent of technology and its marriage to the media or the press, the electorate has even mutated to be better folks in choosing their candidates. With regards to the particular platform, which the Zamboangueño people consider most, it is the capability of the candidate to contribute to the peace and order in their barangay which is endeared mostly.

Apparently, with what had happened to Zamboanga City five years ago—the City siege, the sudden paradigm shift to the mindset of every local in La Bella is now focused primarily to the security and protection of La Bella. Most Zamboangueños say that they need leaders who are willing to protect them from any potential intrusion.

The writer had the chance to talk to a local tryke driver yesterday afternoon. The latter shared some thoughts for the coming barangay election, with regards to their place. The man is from Mampang. He said that their incumbent barangay captain has the stronger chance to win again. His own opinion is based onto the ability of such incumbent to deliver programs in their place, specifically on the area of peace and order.

The said driver’s namesake is Gabby Conception. He was accordingly a former barangay kagawad in Mampang. He confided to the writer that his family does not favor him to run again. The former then opposed any intention for the latter to return to politics, for the reason of the expenses which he may again incur along.

Admittedly, even simple as a barangay election, it is then pretty expensive nowadays, worse even to other places in the country where vote buying is the norm. Thankfully, such practice is not that strong here in Zamboanga City. No wonder when any candidate wins, he may take all the opportunity also to regain to what he spent via corruption.

We just hope that the coming barangay elections shall be peaceful also. If you’re abreast, there have been blood spills in some places, which are related to politics. It is something unbelievable that people may have the stomach to kill each other in the name of a simple position. Well, as they say even a barangay captain or a barangay kagawad is also a capacity of power.

Political power is a kind of potion where anyone who may be affected by it, can become strongly addictive to such person. Whew! It is one of the extremes in our local politics here in the country. Albeit, Barangay eMedia would like also to acknowledge that there are countless of leaders though, all over, whose hearts are sincere, and their one single desire is to serve the people. May they win then and shall be given the next chance to hold the reins.

“Plans are established by counsel; by wise guidance wage war. Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a simple babbler. If one curses his father or his mother, his lamp will be put out in utter darkness. An inheritance gained hastily in the beginning will not be blessed in the end.” (Prov. 20:18-21, ESV)

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