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A Wife Deserted Her Husband


Yesterday, there was an unlikely complaint, which was lodged by a husband in one of our police stations in the City, against his wife who ran away with another man. The complainant must have felt the pains gravely that he probably could not contain them, thus he filed the necessary complaint against the latter.

Well, the police received then the complaint as one of their ministerial duties. When this news was conveyed in Barangay eMedia yesterday, during its primetime morning program, there were those who also felt a degree of sympathy to the grieving husband. Obviously, the desertion of his wife left him in total grief and much if they even have children.

It is sad though that technology has now become an open snare to countless of couples, all over. Either by text or online messaging, idle spouses may be able to meet complete strangers and even to develop unwanted affairs with them. Then, a day will just come that they can decide to elope, leaving the faithful partner in hopelessness with their small children.

It is pretty mind-boggling that cheating nowadays has also evolved to be high-tech something. Now, with regards to the story above, it could also be possible that the infidelity of the wife developed through text or by social media. Undeniably, the meet and greet thing, through our modern technology today, unexpectedly lie great dangers ahead to any susceptible person.

Thus, it is imperative to couples to spend quality moments. Often the busy times of the working partners are the usual doorways for the other spouse to explore ugly things. After all, texting and the social media are always exchanged privately—meaning it can be done without the necessary consent of the other spouse.

Did you see the picture? We all have emotions and such have needs, too. We need to be affirmed now and then; this job belongs to husbands and wives, a kind of a marital duty which each of them are bound to do out of love, as they develop their relationship each day. Failure to do this important job may open some temptations along, to infidelity.

The complexity of life is a fact which you and I must need to acknowledge. Anyways, those same obligations which we are talking about are after all very doable. Remember, it ain’t just work and work. Apparently, there are other aspects in life that we also ought to give the equal importance. Life is beautiful—FYI: we are to ENJOY them and not to ENDURE them.

Now, is it a crime for a wife to run away with another guy? Yes! The presumption of carnal knowledge is tantamount to any eloping couple. Thus, the aggrieved husband has the cause of action, of adultery, against the erring wife. In other words, if the husband above shall be absolutely determined to pursue his case, in the process not just the erring wife but also her alleged boyfriend may be implicated for the crime of adultery.

Stories, like the above, are often inevitable in the intricacies of human life. Infidelity is not a new thing. It has been a kind of a social cancer since time immemorial. It had destroyed countless of families. One thing more, infidelity does not respect any life’s status—it equally undermines the rich and the poor, the educated and the illiterate, and etc.

May the husband above be able to continue life, despite of the unexpected tragedy which befell their family; if they have children also, it behooves him to rather dedicate his life to the latter. After all, he did not lose everything. He still has a better future ahead, with his children. As they sternly say, so long as the sun continues to rise every morning, there is always hope.

“Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved. But you, O God, will cast them down into the pit of destruction; men of blood and treacher yshall not live out half their days. But I will trust in you.” (Prov. 55:22-23, ESV)

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