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In Baliwasan, the opposing camp is sadly resorting to dirty tactics. If the tactics are common such as tearing down of posters, we would not mind.

But when intelligent tricks are being applied, SS for one becomes edgy. The strategy appears hi-tech – clever. For SS to believe one of them initiated it is impossible. Nobody in their bunch has the mind, sorry to say it.

Our feeling then is, unseen hands of higher-up politicians, who do not enjoy the Cabato support are behind it.

Somebody influential, much earlier on, has been sighted several times going to the camp of the opposition bringing giveaways, such red slippers and boxes of juice, among others.

For sure, you now have guessed from which camp.

One applied system was to go to the Comelec office and request for the transfer of several poll servers to other precincts. In turn, they put in their relatives and allies, to which Comelec officials readily agree.

Apparently, an influential person must have made earlier representations there.

And when Aimie went to complain, ruefully, she was yet required to write them officially. That was yesterday, and to this hour, no word has yet been received, unlike the instant approval, the

Rival camp was given.

Now that bespeaks of influence - strong. Mafuerza. And to think, the adversaries were - an incumbent kagawad and the other a former kagawad as against a sitting Punong Barangay.

Comelec bossmen, the dragon is just starting to heat up.

Please be fair. Heck!

Next is the bruited about “document” that allegedly mirrors the “debt” of the barangay, to where they don’t even know.

And SS says, they are digging up their own grave. That stuff will get a wounding backlash fro, Aimie’s camp, where - much as we never wanted to, even the now apolitical personalities, who are their relatives, will get smashed in between.

That is fair warning.

No mete, para no hede (Do not mess around, so as not to stink.)

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Police and military personnel demolished an unauthorized camp of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) last Sunday in Sitio Anuling in anticipation to ensure security in the city.

On Monay morning, Sr. Insp. Albert Alfaro of the Ayala Police Station received a report about Combined elements of the Police and the 11th Infantry Battalion and Task Force Zamboanga, swooped down on the area and saw the camp with the marking “Camp Ahad, Campong Anuling,

Police engaged Camp Commander Naser Asdali and lot owner Abdulajid Muhti in a dialogue on the camp’s presence, to which the government here strongly voices its opposition to the presence of MNLF camps within its territory.

Other occupants of the camp were identified as Basa Abdulhamid, Rajikazula, Faisal Basa, Aljen Asdali, Dut-ir Najihil, Hasad Amil, Aljam Abdulajid and Jul-Asiri Amil. All are residents of Recodo.

During the dialogue, Asdali admitted that they failed to coordinate with authorities in establishing the camp in Zamboanga.

Asdali said that he was just following orders from a certain Abdullah Awalul of Siasi, Sulu to put up a camp here.

Lawmen and the MNLF later agreed to dismantle the camp there and then.

P/Sr. Insp, Alfaro, his men, as well as the unnamed military officers and men of gte military deserve the highest hnor abd commendation. That was speedy and valiant of them.

More power!

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Pres. Duterte is forming a panel of three experts - all Asians - to determine whether dengvaxia, the controversial dengue vaccine caused the deaths of schoolchildren who were given the shots.

Of what need is that? Hasn’t a combined team of the Department of Health (DOH) and the Public Attorney’s Office (PAU) expert so concluded - Dengvaxia caused the deaths. So, they said. They are saying our local experts are amateurs.  (By Jimmy Cabato)

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