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Contrary to self-expressed apprehensions for SS to fail seeing print beginning at the start of the campaign period, 4th to the 12th May, for three Cabatos are running in Baliwasan - incumbent Barangay Chair, Aimie, first political entry of the elder Cocoy and returning SK Chair Anca, who had served in such capacity in 2013-2016..

But it turned out, not a single day was missed. Reason is obvious.

Folks, thanks be to God, the campaign sorties for Aimie and her team was a walk in the park. She did not need much of much of my help.

Even our earlier fear of fraud in counting, is erased, knowing counting is manual and not by the feared HocusPcos.

Also, we are, discounting full deployment of our watchers, we rely on the morale of our teachers and poll servers. They are not for sale.

Above all, our trust is strong in the Lord, who spreads His mantle of protection on us all.

And from the looks of things, the handwriting is on wall. The names of the victors are clear in print.

Judging from their house-to-house campaign where they were received with open arms and warm similes; evening pocket rallies were all jam-packed; and their grand rally last night were loudly applauded, while each candidate spoke - most especially when the lead candidate delivered her address with punchlines after every point is raised.

Relative to these events, SS punctuated a finale on his fb post last night, to wit:- Another public advisory: The opposing camp has pledged to stop their dirty tactics and asked for a respite. So the Aimie camp stopped answering their lies, and abided to the requested reprieve. It is, however rumored they will continue tonght spreading disinformation treacherously. And we coud have readily debunked their gossip but as we had said yes to their call for a ceasefire, we will refrain from answeting their lies, and abide by our word. The Cabatos keep their word. So, we will not answer conconctions. We leave to God our fate. Repeat, we will not answer them in any form. Anyway, the people must have made their decision by this time. God bless us all

Truth to this will be concreted on the 14th of May. Father God, we lift unto the clean conduct of this elections.

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Cong. Celso Lobregat  is reminding the electorate of Zamboanga City to be careful and not persuaded by candidates or their supporters who will be engaging into vote-buying for the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections on Monday.

Lobregat said that his office received reports about some aspirants allegedly promising certain amount in exchange for the votes of their family and relatives in their favor.

Amen to that. In Baliwasan, we got wind of reports, men of the pink team of Pioquinto were distributing packed kilos of rice to homeowners in  Manggal, a vote-rich purok.

Mabigat (Heavy.)

The solon added succumbing or not to this form of vote-buying depends on the voters on how they are going to treat the situation.

SS says, this is how - receive the offer - that’s manna from heaven - but vote in accordance with your conscience.

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After figuring in a terse diplomatic row, Malacañang said that the relationship between the Philippines and Kuwait is back to normal now.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque declared this after the two countries signed the “Agreement on the Employment of Domestic Workers between the Philippines and Kuwait” on Friday.

Roque said that the signing of the MOA signifies that both the Philippines and Kuwait are now willing to put the past behind.

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The United States promised on Friday (Saturday in Manila) that it would work to rebuild North Korea’s sanctions-crippled economy if Kim Jong Un’s regime agrees to surrender its nuclear arsenal.

Well, that’s swell. But that could be a tall order. The repeated promise of strongman Kim is that he will abandon plans to fully nuclearize his country. That’s all that SS had read.

To surrender its nuclear arsenal has always been absent, if you noticed. Sending a message of distrust, Kim has not yet discounted publicly possibilities of American aggression against them.

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