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Sob stories by Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) about living on Z3R housing projects dominated the Congressional Inquiry on Z3R housing held yesterday at the House of Representatives yesterday.

"Blessing po nahulog kayo," said Satunina Aba, a housing beneficiary from Sitio Hongkong, Rio Hondo, actual place still under check.

Aba said that the fall of officials from a wooden footbridge in Sitio Hongkong, Rio Hondo brought their plight to national government attention.

Not only that, folks, the biggest beneficiary of that fall is Negros Occ. Cong, Alfredo “Albee” Benitez, who wax on nxec ton tour then.

Now, silently proclaimed as a senatorial aspirant in 2019, the Benitez name was splashed all over the country.

And that will play a big factor in winning - Name recall.

SS says silently proclaimed,  yes because there is no public announcement as yet.

And from the looks of it, Benitez makes decision fast and is just as fast in moving, prompting SS to add a comment to an earlier statement here -

No public announcement as yet on his candidacy, yes. But to the knowledge of SS, at least in Western Mindanao, the groundwork for his political machine is now in the works.

That is how fast the man moves.

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US President Donald Trump blamed China, to where strongman Kim Jong Un recently visited twice, for the sudden Pyongyang change of heart to the already scheduled historic meeting between him and the North Korean president.

And on Thursday Trump sought to appease Kim, saying his security would be guaranteed in any deal and his country would not suffer the fate of Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya, unless that could not be reached.

Wow! Would that not infuriate Kim all the more? To SS that was not a bit of a veiled threat. It was a direct warning.

Recall Khaddafi was assassinated by men suspected to be American underground operators.

But Trump was quick to add that as far as he knew the meeting with Kim was still on track, but that the North Korean leader was simply influenced by Beijing.

“North Korea is actually talking to us about times and everything else as though nothing happened,” Trump sad.

Moreover, Trump said he was not pursuing the “Libya model” in getting North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program, which his national security adviser John Bolton was repeatedly suggesting.

In a statement on Wednesday threatening withdrawal from the summit, North Korea’s first vice minister of foreign affairs, Kim Kye Gwan, bared, “(The) world knows too well that our country is neither Libya nor Iraq which have met miserable fate,” he said in apparent reference to the demises of Gaddafi and Iraq’s former president Saddam Hussein.

Trump went on, the deal he was looking at would give Kim - a hereditary ruler who presides over a state widely criticized for serious human rights abuses - “protections that will be very strong.”

“He would be there, he would be running his country, his country would be very rich,” continuing, “The Libya model was a much different model. We decimated that country,” he said, adding that it would only come into play “most likely” if a deal could not be reached with North Korea.

There again is that reckless and risky threat that just might madden Kim even more. That guy, form the way he talks and acts is no sissy. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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