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MNLF forces are pro-gov’t under AFP supervision and control


After the signing of the Peace Agreement between the GRP and the MNLF on 6 September 1996 the MNLF Forces were considered as Pro-Government who were allowed to retain their Firearms as part of the Peace Agreement.

The Recruitment of members of MNLF Forces ended including the establishment of new MNLF camps after the signing of the Peace Agreement.

The MNLF Members are allowed only to keep their Firearms within the Barangay they are residing.

All MNLF Forces are placed under the supervision and control of the armed forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Department of National Defense (DND).

As peaceful Filipino citizens they are bound to obey the Laws and pay their Taxes to the Government and enjoy the same rights and privileges of a Law-Biding Citizens.

They can travel freely without firearms anywhere in the country and reside in any community as part of their right of Domicile provided for under the constitution.

In Zamboanga City several thousands of former MNLF Forces including the First MNLF Chairman of Basilan Revolutionary Committee at the outbreak of Mindanao Rebellion in 1970’s and the Provincial Chairman of the MNLF in Zamboanga del Sur in the 1980’s are residing in the city.

The yesterday’s enemies who fought in the battle of Campo Uno in Lamitan, Basilan in 1972 and in several battles with the writer during the rebellion are now good neighbors and friends.

(The author is one of the members of the National ceasefire committee GRP Panel headed by then BRIG Gen. Guillermo Ruiz and the MNLF Panel under Gen GRRIN with the Indonesian Ambassador as Presiding Officer and Mediator during meetings at the Indonesian embassy in Makati City  in the 1990’s) (By Rex Miravite)

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