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How true, is beyond SS knowledge. Reports reached us that the gathering Mayor Beng Salazar called among the new set of barangay and SK officials some two days ago turned to a sobbing end - woeful.

Allegedly, the crying lady was at it again, but this time, if true, we do commiserate with Beng.

Accordingly, before the important part of the meeting was to take place, the officials started leaving the hall and reportedly caravanned off to the other gathering the man I still call Mayor, Cong.  Celso Lobregat scheduled had set a meeting of his own.

Pitifully, only a handful were left with the Mayor. If true, it was truly saddening - a rejection of sort, without having to mention a slap on one’s face. She  broke to tears.

But this time around it was clearly not part of a tele-serie… oh, so dismaying, it was. Alas…

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Cong. Alfredo “Albee” Benitez must have telegraphed a punch to the contractor/s of the housing units here intended for the Zamboanga Sige victim families.

Through a Benitez initiative as Housing and Urban Development Commitee Chair, following his on-site visit to Tacloban, an earlier congressional investigation swas cooked.

In the course of the probe, a National Housing Authority (NHA) authority was trapped into promising that contractors, as it happened to JC Tayag Builders, will not be able to bid for other projects in its aftermath.

Tayag Builders was one of the contractors for the housing program for victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

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Having received several inquiries, guess this will now clear the air once and for all on uncertainties on the term of our present set of barangay official.

City Comelec Officer Atty. Stephen Roy Cañete has disclosed that candidates who won in the last May 14, 2018 serve for only two years, instead of the usual 3 years mandated by law.

Cañete explained, this is due to Republic Act 10952, which reset the Barangay and SK elections to May 2018, that also set the next elections to May 2020.

“After this, the polls would be held every 3 years again,” the comelec officer stressed.

And by next month, in anticipation to the conduct of the midterm elections on May 2019, Comelec here is now preparing for the conduct of registration for new and qualified voters, including transferee-voters.

Those who just turned 18 years old and are turning 18 on or bedforde election day can already visit their office by June to register as qualified voter.

Cañete also said that by October of this year  Comelec will start accepting the Certificates of Candidacy (COCs) of interested candidates who will run for the congressional, mayoral, vice mayoral and members of the Sangguniang Panglungsod positions in 2019 elections.

January, he said will be the campaign period for national candidates which will then be followed by their local counterparts. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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