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Cong. Celso’s rating dives?


(Enlightenment—Passage of the Day)




THE uproar doesn’t simply go away. The more it’s talked about, the more intriguing it gets.

“Why did he abstain, Pencing?” Why oh why, Jun?”

Oh c’mon, can’t we let it go please, and talk a better topic for our own La Bella?

“No, Jun, the people up to now can’t help but impishly talk about it, all the more.”

Ok, as I moved around, since the BBLissue was all the more exacerbated amongst the various sectors in our community when unexpectedly their, or I would say our Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat took a surprisingly indecisive stance, instead of a firm no-vote that he used to do, like all the rest of our top local leaders here in practically all the past forums or public consultation hearings on the issue of the BBL.

“Why all of a sudden Cong. Celso Lobregat changed his mind? That we’ve to find out all the more. His explanations he made during last Saturday’s multi-sectoral gathering that he held, and no doubt it was well attended, as to the reason why he abstained, wasn’t sufficiently enough to appease the indignant feelings of our Zamboangueños who voted for a resounding No in all the past plebiscites held for us to decide whether we’d wish to be included or excluded from any autonomy-type of government here in Mindanao,” a top mentor of a local university remarked on Tuesday.

“Was he elected by his people (in District 1)to represent them in Congress to merely abstain his vote? He should make a decisive stand there, and to be always consistent in voting No on BBL, because more than 95% of our voting population in ZC voted an overwhelming No in all the past two plebiscites held in Mindanao or in Southern Philippines. Where is his loyalty, now?” a top practicing lawyer rued.

“Celso committed a big blunder. But he has still a lot of time to redeem himself if he wants to go back to City Hall as Mayor,” a local prominent business leader commented.

“ Iagree with our Cong. Celso. Bien sabiondo sila. Hindi’ pa tapos ang boksing. HE did it so that he can continue to be vigilant on this (BBL) issue. It has a long way to go yet before it’ll reach the Supreme Court. And, when it reaches the Supreme Court, BBL will be declared unconstitutional just the same. How can they argue on something that’s from its very start unconstitutional? Unless, the Constitution that enacted the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)will be amended first, nothing can be said as constitutional on this BBL,” a top political expert opined.

I asked Cong. Celso himself in a press interview after the multi-sectoral assembly he had last Saturday afternoon held in a local hotel, and the query catered by someone through this corner ran this way: “Cong. they say that when you abstained from voting on the BBL issue in the Lower House last May 30, you committed a big blunder, because it was a weak stand.”

He snapped, “Very strong, a masterstroke.”


More to it, folks here look like they don’t lose track of what the Benitez housing committee, up to now, has been trying to unveil the supposed sham from behind its cloak that has deeply tainted the Z3R project of La Bella, following the degradingApril26 falling wooden bridge in Brgy. Rio Hondo that uncorked the suspicious substandard quality of its resettlement housing units intended for our IDPs forcibly evacuated in throngs at the height of the Sept. 9 three-weeklong “Zamboanga Siege” that erupted in 2013. Bolstering its two separate congressional inquiry hearings is the fact that the whole congressional probe teamled by its Housing and Urban Development committee Chair(Dist. 3)Negros Occidental Cong. Albee Benitez and our very own lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar along with our very own Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat, as well, fell all together down to its murky waters. Since then, Cong. Lobregat’s popularity and performance rating when randomly surveyed among our voting populace here, improved tremendously as compared to that of Mayor Beng. In-fact, a string of our political experts made their bold forecast, “If elections were held today, Cong. Celso could even unseat Mayor Beng amid the appalling Z3R issue.”

But, when Cong. Celso Lobregat committed, perhaps, the biggest blunder in his whole political career when he abstained from voting on the BBL issue during its third and final reading in the Lower House last May 30, his ratings immediately went down. Inone radio survey conducted last Tuesday, Lobregat trailed Beng Climaco—though, by a hairline.

“Lehos pa se, Pencing. Manada pa cosa ay pasa antes de eleccion na Mayo 2019,” a diehard Lobregat supporter seemed unfazed when learned of Cong. Lobregat’s  poor rating at present. Pretty intriguing, indeed. (By  Jun Feliciano) (30)

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