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The abstention, which is technically a non-vote as per House Rules, was practically an abandonment by Congressman Celso Lobregat of the interest of Zamboanga City and its people on the BBL issue.” - District II Councilor Rommel Agan.

Agan pointed out… the Zamboagueño people from the very start have expected him to go all-out against the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) which may possibly give way to the inclusion of Zamboanga City in the soon to be created Bangsamoro entity.

Kababa naman, oy. Dol masyado man bajo ese opinion desde un supuesto abogado… (Seems too shallow an opinion for a supposed lawyer.)

Abstention is a no vote, yes, but the Lobregat act was no abandonment of the interest of Zamboanga City.

It was a political gambit for the House Speaker to designate him as member of the powerful Bicameral Conference Committee, where the lower and upper houses will fine tune BBL and merge  the different differing BBL provisions.

SS had seen this move ahead of time and had harped on it here. Read on, please, “A test of fire awaits Cong. Celso Lobregat in the Bicameral conference committee when it soon tackles in its final form the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) that was passed in both houses yesterday.

Here are excerpts of Lobregat’s clear explanation on his abstention in the BBL vote.

1. “The people who are bashing me on my “abstention vote” in the HB 6475 (substitute BBL) are ignorant of the provisions of the BBL that was passed.”

2. Substitute HB6475, states all properties of ARMM will be transferred to Bangsamoro EXCEPT those that are located outside the area of ARMM (e.g. CABATANGAN will not be transferred to Bangsamoro)”

3. “Many other issues have already been addressed but issues like the SPDA properties and Areas of Joint-Cooperation will still have to be settled in the Bi-Cameral Conference Committee (BI-CAM).

Had I not abstained I would not be a member of the BI-CAM. I am now appointed as a member of the Bi-Cam and I can guard and protect the provisions already amended and I can continue to push and propose amendments on provisions such as SPDA properties and Areas of Joint-Cooperation.

(Note: Abstaining may not be a must but as a political strategy it helps. And it did He is now a Bi cameral member Thanks to Celso master ploy.)

So please, do not embarrass yourselves by pretending to know what you do not know. No mas man pa sabiondo.”

The Councilor also claimed that the Dist. 1 Congressman opted to abstain from voting because he does not want to compromise his committee chairmanship on Public Works in the House of Representatives.

That is preposterous a claim. With one year left in his term before the 2019 - The hell ith that chairmanship. He has given much to the city which  constituents will not forget. Lobregat will not clompromise his chanceds to beat Beng Climaco for the mayorship by abstaining for no  rhyme and reason.

Without mentioning in deference to his resting soul, one did by posing in a picture - AK-47 oln hand with MNLF Leader Nur Misuari putting his arms on his shoulders. That former mayor lost his bid for congress against a personality his camp termed as a non-entity.

Celso Lobregat is no patsy in political maneuvers.  He is a thinker non- parallel.

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El mana jente ta mira malicia na beso di Duterte con un casada Filipna alla na Korea amo el cuchinadas el penamiento. (Those seeing malice in Duterte kissing in Korea a married Filipina in public are the ones with dirty minds.

We all have seen the Duterte the unending antics. That public kiss, was simply one, too.

So, what else is new? (By Jimmy Cabato)

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