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The political gambit 1st Dist. Cong. Celso Lobregat tactfully staked has indeed earned him a ed very much-ndeed seat in the select 29-member Bi-Cameral Conference Committee (Bi-Cam).

The bi-Cam will be tasked to reconcile the separately approved senate and congressional versions of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, creating the Autonomous Bangsamoro Region (ABR.)

The joint body includes the biggest supporters and critics of the proposed BBL measure. Lobregat’s abstention was what must have moved House Speaker Alvarez to count him in j jufre of what Lobregat’s sand at that time.

Risky to detractors but, as it turned out tricky to the wily. The gambit paid off - he earned a seat in the Bi-Cam.

No, it was not required, agreed. But it was a wise guise.

Lobregat stressed his membership in the Bi-Cam - the final venue at where the contentious provisions which he battled for revision and inclusion in the bill will be ensured with his membership therein.

Come to think of it. Had Lobregat been left out, who will ensure his introduced amendments will remain.

See the point?

But, folks, in spite of that Lobregat tact of abstaining in the passage of the proposed House-sponsored BBL, he was still was bashed from head to foot.

Yet, the strong-willed personality of a Lobregat stood his ground and took the blows valiantly.

Bravo, hombre de hueso colorado.

Hueso colorado is a Spanish term SS learned in San Diego, California from a Mexican woman, which I got to mean as a “red-blood”

To whom it was then said there, SS keeps to himself.  Should you want to know, text of PM me.

And SS says that now of Celso Lobregat - hombre de hueso Colorado, a red-blooded Zamboangueño.


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Erstwhile City Councilor Ismael Musa has suffered another debacle in life. He was dealt another misfortune when his legal battle against Tungkuh Hanapi, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, City Human Resource Management Officer Jane Bascar, and a former casual employee Hussayin Arpa, was dismissed for want of substantial evidence.

In the most recent barangay elections, Musa also bore a defeat against Hanapi, the one who had previously replaced him as the cultural community representative to the City Council here.

While the Hanapis are SS long-time buddies, Maeng has turned to be a new found friend.

Poor soul. When will his trials end?

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After securing billions of pesos in financial aid, some more investment opportunities still lurk in sight. Two South Korean companies are interested in establishing a weapons manufacturing facility in the country following President Duterte’s visit to Seoul.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the government would study the proposals made by S&T Motiv and Dasan Machineries Co. Ltd. and determine which Korean firm offers the best deal to build and supply firearms to the military and police.

SS suggests, whichever manufactures the Daewoo brand should be it. SS owned two Daewoo .45’s and neither one ever jammed while in use. The pistol accepts the hardball  bullets as well as the recycled empties - re-loads. Both never misfired. Other brands do.

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Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Margaux “Mocha” Uson still enjoys the trust and confidence of President Duterte despite a controversial public spat with actress Kris Aquino, Malacañang said Thursday.

That would put Kris Aquino at where she deserves - the back seat. Comparing the kissing scenes of  then top Marcos oppositionist, Ninoy Aquino in defense of her boss, Pres. Duterte was a neat job of a communications officer.

To SS there was no inference of image destruction of a person or of a family.  (By Jimmy Cabato)

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