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The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) just laced the icing on the cake - issue that may have caused a Deles defeat in the last barangay polls for barangay captain. The outgoing punong, however, still made it as kagawad member.

While earlier, PDEA simply included outgoing Barangay Chairman Antonio Deles of Camino Nuevo in its publicly announced narco list, it recently filed a case against him in the City Prosecutor's Office.

Watch. PDEA agent Jury Rocamora said, the barangay official had planned to conduct of anti illegal-drugs operation in his barangay for several times but never implemented the operation, as if he is protecting the drug offenders in the community.

Ha! “…as if he is protecting the drug offenders in the community.”

Good gracious, me. By itself the supposed wrong deed is basically a presumption - “… as if…”

Can there ever subtantial probative value?


On the other hand, Deles earlier vehemently denied PDEA's accusation saying he has always been in the forefront of drug operations conducted by the police in his barangay, and even showed documents and pictures to prove his claim.

Harm, though - if indeed it caused the Deles bet for leadership in Camino Nuebo - damage is done.

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Pres Duterte goes on with his comical ways, saying he is ready to give more kisses to lady volunteers despite getting flak for his recent alleged disrespectful gesture in South Korea.

On Thursday, Duterte said he has kissed more than a thousand ladies on the lips so far, reasoning out that his fondness for women was “biology.”

Duterte insisted that kissing was his style as a politician, recalling that he gave away ballers to women during the last campaign in exchange of a smack on the lips.

Recall, the President sparked a political firestorm after kissing a married woman on the lips while on a recent visit to South Korea. Some groups, including women activists, have denounced the President’s inappropriate behavior in public.

The President, however, brushed aside the criticisms about the kiss, saying “it was showbiz and everybody enjoyed it.”

Watch, even the lady, identified as Bea Kim, earlier said she gave consent to the kiss, adding there was no malice in it.

See? The lady himself absolved the president of any wrong doing, so why others would blow their top, with indignation to kingdom come.

But wait, there could be stop to this comedy of sort To avoid a repeat of the controversy involving President Duterte’s kissing ladies on stage, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has expressed intention to join her father on his next foreign trips.

The mayor said she wants to make sure that such incidents will not happen again.

It was the first time that the presidential daughter has publicly reacted to Duterte’s kissing of the Filipino woman.

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Long a dream of Koreans on both sides of the world’s most heavily armed border, a peace treaty that finally ends the 68-year-old (and still counting) Korean War is now being hinted at by President Donald Trump ahead of his summit Tuesday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Complete North Korean denuclearization will likely take much more than a single summit, but Trump may see a peace deal as a quick, fairly painless path to a Nobel Peace Prize. Kim, meanwhile, is pursuing a long-sought North Korean demand for a treaty that may be aimed at getting U.S. troops off the Korean Peninsula and, eventually, paving the way for a North Korean-led unified Korea.

Of the two proposals, the North’s, at least to SS, appears   more rationale.

Total denuclearization, hmmm.

Everything, though hinges on one’s trust toward each other.

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