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Prayers for the unity of Filipino families, husbands and wives


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… God is love…” (1 John 4:8, the Holy Bible).


ELDERLY COUPLE, 81-YEAR OLD PEDRO MANUEL &79 YEAR OLD ROSAURA MANUEL, ROLE MODELS FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGE: My eyes welled with tears as I saw this lovely couple, 81 year-old Mr. Pedro B. Manuel and his 79 year-old wife, Mrs. RosauraSinense Manuel, celebrating his birthday on June 29, 2018 with a simple breakfast, shared by just the two of them, at a corner table at McDonald’s Guimba, Nueva Ecija.

As they partook of the birthday meal, Mr. And Mrs. Manuel exuded peace, contentment, and happiness in old age, prompting McDonald personnel to ask them to pose for photographs. I joined those who were taking their pictures, as the couple reminded me quite forcefully of my own parents, the late Mr. Melanio P. Mauricio, Sr. and the late Mrs. Salvacion L. Mauricio, who lived together well into their old age too, problems and differences notwithstanding.

Witnessing the evident love and caring Mr. and Mrs. Manuel have for each other, I found myself praying to God to allow younger Filipino couples to be like them, to live longer together as husbands and wives, as a united family, even when the hairs in their heads have already vanished or turned grey (as singer-composer Rey Valera once wrote). Thank God in the Name of Jesus, Amen (the pictures I took can be accessed at


NAT KING COLE’S “TOO YOUNG”, THEME SONG OF MY FATHER AND MOTHER: The poignant scene of undying love being professed and manifested even in the face of advancing old age by the Manuels compelled me to remember my own parents, my Daddy and my Mommy. Daddy died in 2016 at the age of 84, after a five-year battle with stroke, while Mommy succumbed right away to a stroke that hit her just last April 2018, at the age of 83.

Concededly, my father and mother underwent their own marital spats and quarrels in their 60 years of being husband and wife (they were married in 1956, at the St. Joseph Parish Church along Aurora Blvd., Quirino District, Quezon City), in much the same way that even the most loving and saintly couples there had been in the whole world similarly failed to avoid those problems, too. To their credit, however, Daddy and Mommy insisted on living together as husband and wife, with their family intact and unbroken, up to the end.

They stood pat on their being together, fighting fiercely through the years to prove that the love they felt for the very first time for each other, when Daddy was only 22 years old and Mommy was two years younger than him, was already true and genuine, comparable to what older adults who were also in love would feel. Daddy and Mommy endeavored to show to all and sundry that what they felt then was not the result of a mere youthful attraction or fondness, or a mere juvenile predilection.


PRAYERS FOR THE UNITY OF FILIPINO FAMILIES, HUSBANDS AND WIVES: I saw in my parents what many marriage counsellors would describe as “commitment”—or the decision to remain or stay married to, and with, one another whatever circumstance that they may face and encounter as husband and wife. I can only say that Daddy and Mommy were truly the first couple that espoused an idea that would become popular some decades later among those who will enter marital counseling seminars (called “marriage encounters”)—the idea that “loving is a decision, not a feeling”.

This is of course grossly contrary to what is now the prevailing stand or perception among many couples of this age and clime, especially those who married young—that, even on account merely of trivial differences or spats, they could decide to leave one another and go on their separate ways just like that, seeking happiness and satisfaction from other partners, never mind if their children would be the ones to suffer irreparably.

Consequently, I am fervently praying to, and asking, Jesus, our God and Savior who is our God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to grant husbands and wives of this present generation with the utmost desire to remain true to their marriage vows, upholding the unity and wholeness of their families, refusing to separate from one another or have their marriage annulled, for their sake, for the sake of their children, and for the sake of the entire Filipino nation.


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