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Whoops sorry. This time for having said Zamcelco is not in the position meet today’s deadline to settle, although partially, its debt to the Western Mindanao Power Corporation (WMPC,) as it may come in two installments.

Engr. Edgardo Ancheta, Zamcelco General Manager, said that Zamcelco intends to pay P175-million today, 5th of July.

Recall, WMPC threatened to curtail electric supply to Zamcelco from 50 to only 20 megawatts if Zamcelco fails to pay its obligation today, the 5th.

And the curtailment is likely to result to long power outages in the city of Zamboanga.

But Ancheta said that should WMPC refuse to accept their partial payment, the electric cooperative has plans to ask for additional power from San Miguel Power.

San Miguel Power is one of the electric cooperative’s power suppliers, providing the electric cooperative with 35 megawatts.

Given the circumstances, let us hope WMPC accepts the Zamcelco offer of payment, otherwise it is going to be as a ditty goes, “lonely days, long nights” for us.

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Zamboanga City Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation President Cary John Pioc is indeed showing stern stuff. Accordingly, per Cabato family members’ casual talk, he earlier shone on TV efficiently parrying what appeared to be questions aimed to embarrass him as he is associated with a camp that the hosts are known to be attached to.

And on the his first day in council session, based on readings, Pioc impresses SS. We’ve got a good SK head, compared to some previous ones.

Take it from this corner, who was with some others in them those days in the council, who never showed a bit of assertion.

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The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) on Monday approved a provisional fare increase of P1 on passenger jeepneys, raising the minimum fare from 8 to 9 pesos.

Ooops pull back your reins, folks, per news report, the increase is applicable only in NCR, Region 3, and Region 4.

Region 9 is not mentioned.

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Strange. Killings of two mayors, a day apart from each is drawing varied comical reactions.

Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin on Wednesday blames the deadly attacks on Pres. Duterte, saying he inspired disrespect for the rule of law by promising protection to police who would kill drug users and dealers.

Opposition Sen. Francis Pangilinan says the killings could be used by the Duterte administration as grounds for the imposition of martial law on the entire country.

The League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) has requested for a dialogue with Duterte following the deadly attacks on two mayors this week, linking the killings to his list of so-called narco-politicians.

Oppositionist thinking ganeh gayot. Simply blame that on politics, for the Police are looking into three possible motives in the assassination of Mayor Ferdinand Bote of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija, police said Wednesday.

Chief Supt. Amador Corpus, head of Police Regional Office 3, says the crime could have been prompted by politics, the mayor’s quarrying business and possible conflicts in handling government projects that have links with his construction business.

On the killing of Mayor Antonio Halili of Tanauan City, Batangas, the police say may have been an inside job, explaining it was not the handiwork of a sniper, as the rifle used was an ordinary M-16. No expertise then of trained gunmen is needed.

Furtherf, they opined, the gunman planned the assassination well, considering the layers of security surrounding Halili, which only an insider knows well.

Now, where does Duterte fit in?

Politics ganeh gayot, ho-o.

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A remnant extremist group tried but again failed to take control of a town hall in Maguindanao, with four killed in the ensuing battle with authorities.

When will they ever learn that they cannot fight a determined government, contrary to that of the past administrations.

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