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La Bella’s political landscape in peril?


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UNLIKE many others of his own peers in politics, Dist. 2 Cong. Mannix Dalipe is more engrossed in building infra projects under his AOR with the biggest number of barangays at 61. The latest of which is his having earmarked the amount ofP 26 million funding for the possible immediate construction of an access road leading to the mini-wharf or port of the island barangay of Panubigan. Panubigan is one in the group of Once Islas (Eleven Islands) where there was its recent soft opening of one of its potentially viable tourist attraction sites—its own peculiar pristine white sand beach.

Dalipe said this access road if completed will help bring all the visiting tourists to its newly-discovered highly-attractive white sand beach nay major hitches hampering their route.

Dalipe also conferred with its island barangay officials while in the company of our lady Mayor Beng Climaco –Salazar and the group that witnessed its soft opening over the weekend. It signaled the city’s luring for tourists to come and visit Once Islas with the island village of Panubigan as its major dropping point en-route to a host of their majestically-blessed pristine beaches.

With an access road well in place for all its visiting tourists, Once Islas is ready to cater to them with its stunningly rich panoramic scenes.

Kopya kamo cun Cong. Mannix,cigilangsuyu mag proyecto na distrito dos. Nuay huego de pulitika, cay asegun cunele, “There’s this 45-day grace period for campaigning in time for next electoral exercise, that’s by May 2019, or merely less than a year left. By October, there’s this filing of CoCs already by all the wannabes aimed to run during the May 2019 polls.

Dalipe will surely vie in his re-election bid for the Lower House by next May 2019 local/senatorial elections. With all his unrelenting efforts focused for more infrastructure projectsunder his district 2 in the east-coast, Cong. Mannix, according to political buffs here, is getting stronger by the day, and, if he continues to do damn well in the randomly-conducted pre-poll surveys of certain groups, Cong. Mannix is the man to beat in it supposed 4-cornered fight for the congressional seat in district 2 by the next May 2019 electoral exercise.

The three probable top contenders out to unseat first termer Cong. Mannix Dalipe, are as follows: ex-city solon Erbie Fabian, likewise former Congresswoman Lilia Nuño and last termer Vice Mayor Cesar S. Iturralde.

When reached for comment, Iturralde snapped in jest, “Yes, Jun, I will away.”

The truth is, according to VM Iturralde, “Politics is still farfetched from my mind. I’m still undecided.”

Iturralde’s proposed brainchild for the construction of an overpass road along the whole stretch of Veterans Avenue, with Pettit Barracks as its entry point, and its soon-to-be completed bypass road as its possible exit point, drew positive comments from the experts. DPWH-9 lauded its council resolution, expressing full support of the Iturralde proposal for such an overpass road construction that’ll ultimately address the city’s worsening traffic congestion problem. It was highly-endorsed by both NEDA-9 and our own City Planning and Coordinating office under Engr. Rodrigo Sicat. The endorsement-letterof the DPWH regional office(9) has reached the office of DPWH Sec. Mark Villar last June 26, and has been recommended for its possible expediency on the matter. Iturralde turns down any insinuations to run for City Mayor in a bid to make more interesting and exciting the city’s crucial 2019 mayoralty race that’s being more  hyped as a dream match between incumbent Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar and Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat. The former city mayor (Lobregat) is rumored to make a strong comeback bid as he reportedly wants to retire with flair. “Yes, Pencing, Cong. Celso’s great wish is to retire as City Mayor, and not as just a congressman representing district 1. He wants to touch the lives of his constituents here whom he has been serving fortwo decades now, since he launched his political career in year 1998. That’s what he yearns for,” revealed a top Lobregat loyalist who preferred not to be named.

“Jun, the city needs a male mayor,and that’s our Cong. Celso whose strong leadership is beyond question,” another Celso diehard remarked.

But, Mayor Beng’s own rabid followers begged to disagree. “Jun, who has the gutsto personally go and declare open Eleven Islands (Once Islas) to tourists, if not our one and only lady Mayor Beng? Sila ya anda ba cuando na puesto sila? Ni sombra di-ila, Jun.”

Acaba ya kita ste! Gue’ra mundial ya!”Otro ste c Bogs ta roga gayot man encuentro stos dos.

“We even need both of them to better unite for the sake of the city and their own constituents, because there are strong talks that a third force will come in and endorse their ownmoneyed candidate for Mayor, as well,” the biz-group hinted.

See how the city’s political landscape can change in the near future, if we remain smug and complacent? Ampara yalang canaton ki! Ultimo-ora todo kita disperta otro ya ta reyna canaton ki. No lang gayot!  (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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