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Following the killings of two mayors in the country, Mayor Beng Climaco yesterday disclosed that she has also been receiving death threats from an unidentified suspect in the social media.

“Yan mayor na iyan, dapat pugutan ng ulo,” was the warning from the suspect who posted the message on social media.

Wow..! Mayor Beng must have been raising hell against terrorists.

Say you, hugh?

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Cong. Celso Lobregat revealed that he is watching closely the development in the conduct of Bicameral Conference Committee which would be his “last hurrah” in protecting the best interest of Zamboanga City on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

Lobregat said that anytime within this week or maybe next week the Bicam, which is composed of (18) House Panel members and (10) senators, will meet to reconcile the final BBL version. Lobregat believes that he has still the chance to debate until the very end to fight for the best interest of the city.

After his abstention on the BBL vote stimulated a brouhaha that the opposition camp stirred, it will be vindication time for Lobregat as his true stand on the measure surfaces - whether for yes or for no to it.

Let’s get it goin’, Mayor, so says Manny Pacquiao.

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Dist. II Coun. Mike Alavar looks gearing up for the vice mayorship in 2019. After some nine years in the council, he is starting to shine on delicate matters now. In a recent series of issues, he has been very prominent.

The latest is his move to inquire on the status of the proposed procurement of a P15 million towing truck by the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) after receiving complaints that the said towing truck being acquired by the city is not within the required capacity and specification.

Alavar’s formal resolution was jointly and severally approved by members of the local august body during their regular session last Tuesday.

SS finds this matter as a serious issue because yesterday, I saw on TV “friendly” hosts, except for one, attempting to discredit Cap daughter Aimie on air because of vehicles parked along a stretch of road in Baliwasan Grande.

When she said, that after things are already ironed out she will call for a dialogue with owners of the vehicles, one of the “friendly” hosts threw a line of bullying questions in a dictating manner, to wit:- “Cuando se dialogue, Cap, mañana, pasao  mañana, un sedmana, dos semana o años? - see my point in what was termed as bullying and dictating fashion?

In parrying what was clearly an attempt to humiliate her, Aimie humbly replied, “Sir, tiempo pa di Sir Huesca, ya plaña ya kame man tow ese mana vehiculo. Tiene man era el ciudad towing truck que puede kame presta. Que modo man, kay cada bes pidi kame que presta, el contestacion - malo, malo, malo. Alang-alang mi mana tanod jala cunese mana vehiculo mano-mano. Espera tu si corre ya quel. Mismo hora llama cunel mana dueño para dale aviso que manda yo jala todo ila vehiculo parked ali”

Apparently annoyed, she added, “El caso, cada problema, culpa todo del barangay, barangay, barangay.”

Aimie’s retort effectively silenced him.

Go go go, Lady Bato, sopla cañonaso.

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Clearly, the stacks on the side of Bongbong Marcos on his electoral protest against VP-implant Leni Robfredo.

The Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), has discovered and publicly acknowledged many irregularities in the May 2016 elections.

In a resolution dated June 19, 2018, the PET ordered a municipal treasurer and a chairman of the Board of Election Inspectors in Camarines Sur to explain the irregularities found in their ballot boxes.

Here are some of the noticed misdeeds - ‘4 black zip ties used to seal ballot box instead of Comelec red plastic seals; plastic seals found inside ballot box, cannot be found; election return envelope not inside ballot box, cannot be found; envelopes for MOV (minutes of voting) and torn ballots appear to have been previously opened; and Voter’s Receipt box is missing; Voter’s Receipts found scattered inside ballot box.

Clear intentional man-made errors all. Bow…

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