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At writing time, the forum on BBL that is now OLBARMM is underway. While SS forwarded to several Eagle comrades Cong. Celso Lobregat’s personal invite to the activity, SS opted out, and instead pound SS on the keyboard, greatly satisfied and even gratified of his yeoman of a job in the Bicameral Conference Committee (BICAM). Having earlier read his statement coning off the grueling bicam sessions, what more does SS need to hear? Lobregat said, "We passed a BBL that is so much more compliant with the Constitution. It contains provisions clearly prohibiting secession or declaration of independence, and protects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Philippines," Lobregat said.

He added that the proposed bill also fully addresses defense and security, the PNP and other public order concerns in the country.

"I have fully complied with my commitment to be there until the very end fighting for the interest of Zamboanga City, standing firm for what is best for Mindanao, upholding the Constitution and protecting the Republic."

So there… Who needs more info on the matter?

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The line-up of activities for the much-anticipated Zamboanga Hermosa Festival in October is out.

The calendar, posted at the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Facebook page, will include various activities and competitions open to residents, barangays, and organizations in Zamboanga City.

The activities will all lead up to the festival main program on October 11, and the feast day celebration for the Lady of the Pillar on October 12 at the Fort Pilar Shrine.

One of the grand features of the festivities is the kilometers-long tables of free sardines treat to merry-makers.

In Baliwasan. SS is sure Cap Aimie will again hold what has become traditional for the month of October in honor, too, of Nuestra Sra. La Virgen del Pilar - BONGHAN NA BALIWASAN 2018, now on its 13th or is it 14th edition.

Here are wishes for the continuance of merry-making and order during Fiesta Pilar and beyond -  onward.

Meanwhile, Twelve (12) canning and sardine companies are asking the  Bureau of Customs  to allow them to unload imported goods and materials at the Zamboanga seaport for ease and decreased operational expenses.

The request was contained was made direct to Bureau of Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña.

The Southern Philippines Deep Sea Fishing Association (SOPHIL), Industrial Group of Zamboanga Inc. and the Chamber of fish processors in Zamboanga City Officers of the group said that the move will help minimize spending since the current processes or procedures are doubling their expenses in the handling of their goods.

Cooperative to the city government, this request mtits government support. SS suggest local administration official make direct representations to higher authorities in support of the move.

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Once saying he will not fight the 39-year aged Manny Pacquiao for he doesn’t want to take undue advantage of his youth at 30, unbeaten welterweight champ Terence Crawford now says otherwise - he can’t wait to share the ring with resurgent boxing legend.

Seemingly correcting his previous stand, this time he said, “Like I’ve said before, I’m not worrying about Pacquiao right now. If the fight presents itself and it comes to fruition, then we’ll handle that. But until then I don’t feel the need to get into it,”

Position, to SS, stands - no fighting him. But now… Alam na.

The sound of ringing cash registers beckons.

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Pres. Duterte has found a way out fo his pronounced objecton to “No-El”, no elections in 2019.

His most recent stand. Duterte will not get in the way of any people’s initiative on the proposal to postpone the 2019 midterm elections.

Saying in Pilipino, “If that’s a people’s initiative, what else can you do if it comes from the people?”

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