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Whew..! After four days of absence, we’re back at last.  Good thing we skipped the Dipolog overnight stay. Ever-active Kabasalan Pres. Aldrin Usman led our group of  four: Kuya Joh Salmani, Kuya Boy Jala and yours truly.

Incidentally, Usman, who was recently named as National Commissioner for Alalayang Agila has set another induction of new members of his club at the ZamboEcoZone, this 6th, and is obviously on the road to becoming the biggest-sized club all over the country.

Our route - 1st day, Lala in Lanao Norte, where our host was Kuya Nino Rafols Longcob; 2nd, Ozamis City. Eagle Gov. Dodong Wong and Kuya Marlowe hoste us there, 3rd Dipolog. Joe Salera  who played host to the group. Final leg was Molave where Kuya JR Buenafe atrtende to us.

Nice being back. No place than home, so it is said. With SS back in print.

X x x x X

Two more senior members of the House of Representatives lost their chairmanship as the new leadership Speaker GMA continued a revamp of key posts, this time in the Committee on Justice.

Earlier, the new majority effected new chairmanships in the Committees on Constitutional Reform and Natural Resources.

In view of other possible major changes, let’s keep a close watch over the committee on Infrastructure and public works.

Should there be a change in it, Zamboanga City just might lose a powerful conduit for infra projects funding sources here.

Our very own Dist. 1 Rep. Celso Lobregat is holding subject committee leadership, which accounts for numerous infra allocations for the city the past several years.

Should Lobregat lose it, definitely the next chairman will likely have other priorities elsewhere.

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Which is which? The Western Mindanao Command (WesMinCom) has attributed the powerful explosion in Lamitan City the other day to extortion and denied the participation of a foreign terrorist group in the attack.

Gen. Carlito Galvez, Armed Forces Chief of Staff, yesterday said that reports linking the blast to a foreign perpetrator was inconclusive considering that foreign nationals are not familiar with the area, and not adept to driving.

He said that the driver of the van might have been confused and detonated the explosive before reaching the target area.

On the hand, Security forces arrested a Muslim preacher after he was tagged as a suspect in last Tuesday’s car bombing that left 11 people dead in Basilan. And Lamitan police director Chief Supt. Christopher Panapan said troops recovered a grenade from the preacher’s house during the arrest.

The suspect, Indalin Mallaning Jainul, 58, a resident of Lamitan City, was taken into custody by the police after he was arrested by Army Scout Rangers late Wednesday.

Westmincom, however, stuck to its version and said Jainul was only invited for questioning following reports tagging him as among the suspects in the bombing, which co-relates to the earlier Galvez statement, “… the driver of the van might have been confused and detonated the explosive before reaching the target area.”

But just which is which really at this time, is entirely beyond comprehension still.

X x x x X

While we commend the tireless efforts of our authorities in trying to end the drug menace, paraphrasing a popular ditty, it appears. “their best is not good enough.” In combined efforts of PNP elements that included an elite force, a suspected drug pusher was arrested in a buy-bust operation at a local inn in Barangay Tumaga yesterday morning.

But look, the police recovered only six (6) small sachets of suspected shabu and marked money amounting to P100 from the suspect.

Does that impress you, folks?

Sorry having to say it, not even this other feat amazes SS a bit. In Marikina City, anti-illegal drugs operatives arrested 14 persons and seized at least P470,000-worth of shabu from them.

The exploit was again effeted through the combined efforts of forces from the Marikina City Police and Eastern District Office of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

A somewhat impressive achievement, we must admit. But where are the drug lords and their millions of funds and stocks ”

The rug menace lives.

The point is, the arrest of small-time drug offenders will never crush this deep-rooted drug menace.

They should target the suppliers and distributors. Enough of the small fries.

X x x x X

A Fil-Am has scored a record of note. 10-year-old Clark Kent Apuada, aptly nicknamed Superman, the latter’s private identity, broke the 100-meter butterfly record as he clocked 1:09:38 as against Michael Phelps’ 23-year old record 1:10:48.

Not big an eclipse, yes but that the newest established record. A monumental feat, indeed. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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