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Tonight, 6th of August, the Kabasalan Eagles Club celebrates its 1st year anniversary, with the induction of added new members. It will be held at the Zambo EcoZone, with the members expected to party all evening through and spend the rest of the night in the cozy rooms of the venue.

Only a year old, it stands to be one of the clubs with the highest number of members.

And it boasts, too, of having created/chartered the most number of chapters here and even in Taguig.

Club president Kuya Aldrin revealed that his next plan is to charter one or two chapters outside the contacts, saying that his contacts are moving to solidify the groups.

With his dedication to and penchant for service, Aldrin Usman is a shoo-in for a seat in the Sibugay provincial board, where he had recently launched his candidacy.

Veteran politicians, beware. Usman is a powerful force to reckon with.

Good luck, Kuya.

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Without fear of contradiction, SS pronounces that the use of PCOS machines in the last three elections was evidently polluted with cheating. Recently, several sectors deplored the news blackout evidently imposed during the Senate hearing on electoral fraud, where a former Biliran congressman, Atty. Glenn Chong, displayed his rage against electoral cheating.

In that forum he made a full disclosure of the poll anomalies attributed to both Smartmatic and Comelec, topped with proof.

In 2013, there was a petition seeking the invalidation by the Supreme Court of the results of the 2013 senatorial elections. The petitioners argued that those results came from the manipulation of the PCOS machines which the (Comelec) bought from Smartmatic Inc., as shown by the nationwide 60-30-10 PCOS count where 60% of the winners came from the administration party and the rest from other parties.

In that connection, Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco herself, a close relative of then Pres. Aquino, accused him of masterminding the rigging of the 2013 elections to favor candidates of the Liberal Party coalition, saying that Aquino even gave P30 million to the Comelec to cover-up the election fraud, in the guise of prohibited intelligence funds.

Comelec, of course, consistently denied Cojuangco’s claims even as other information technology or computer experts joined in by former Comelec officials relentlessly came up with proof showing that PCOS results were indeed rigged in many ways, especially since poll officials removed vital security features which could have safeguarded the sanctity of the results coming from PCOS machines in 2013 and even in 2010.

In spite of that, Comelec insisted in using the discredited PCOS machines for the 2016 presidential elections. It likewise negotiated a contract with Smartmatic Inc. for the purchase of some P18 billion worth of additional PCOS machines and for the ‘refurbishing’ of the old ones.

For that, in 2013, Chong, who is himself an IT expert threatened to petition the Supreme Court to rule against the Comelec if it allows Smartmatic Inc. to again participate in its bidding processes. (With data supplied in Kakampi Mo ang Batas)

If these presented substantiations do not show the irregularity of PCOS, what do you think will?

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Pres. Duterte evidently takes pride in the crafted Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL).

Not contented with simply signing it into law, today he was to lead in Malacañang a ceremony marking the passage of what his administration calls a landmark edict that will give meaningful autonomy to the Moro people in Mindanao.

True indeed, if all armed Moro rebels - already discounting what is seen as acceptable to the MILF - the MNLF and the BIFF will respect and adhere to its implementation, it will stand as a legacy to the Duterte leadership.

The move started as early as in the Marcos, Cory Aquino, Erap, GMA and Abnoy times.

And it is only now, under the leadership of Duterte that the law was finally molded.

As laid down in previous editions, the two factions of the MNLF appear supportive of the peace process and do respect the BOL.

While the BIFF, armed as it is, may still pose threats to the institution. And if they do so, their enemy will not only be the military. The MILF and the MNLF, if both are part and parcel of the BARMM, will necessarily protect their respective turf, for as in any war, the principal victims are the unarmed civilians.

It will only be logical then for them to repel any armed group. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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