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Beng respects council’s move


(Enlightenment—Passage of the Day)




Mayor Beng said on Monday, during City Hall’s weekly press-con, that she has her high respect on how the council voted on her request for support to strengthen her fervent appeal for Pres. Duterte to already intervene fast on the sorry plight of Zamcelco in a bid to prevent it from further worsening.

Recall, her said request was killed by the council during its July 31 (a Tuesday) weekly regular session when it wasn’t supported by the majority in the August body. Its crucial nominal voting came when two from her very own “yellow camp” team in the council (cay mas muchu pulitika lang man siempre se ta cay lli na aton conseho) junked her own supposed urgent request that would have helped her push it in smooth-sailing mode.

THE twosome, as mentioned earlier by our local dailies, who’re described as amongst the few highly-principled members of our policy-making body in the history of La Bella Zbga(wow!), are Dist. 1 Councilor Elbert “Bong” Atilano and Dist. 2 Councilor Al-Jihan Edding. Both stood their ground and instead, roiled against the tide of the deeply-disliked “too much politics” culture in this country—to include here in La Bella nay exemption at all. The two voted no to their own mayor’s wishing bell to toll in a turf like the city council perceived by many as reigned and dominated by her yellow team, depicting them as belonging to the majority bloc. It so happened the most likely expected turn of event in the council that day didn’t happen at all—certainly, to the chagrin of her honor, our lady Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar.

Whether she showed it in an expressly or impliedly manner, doesn’t matter. The fact that such was described as “urgent,” and therefore, she direly needed it with even promptness. Didn’t we see her in one of her published photos, as if close to begging on her bended knees while PRRD was here twice? (First, when Du30 visited the Labuan fire victims last July 26 and while he visited the July 31 bomb explosion victims in Lamitan City, Basilan Province with a brief sojourn in our La Bella last Saturday, Aug. 4). We saw her, as if close to almost begging PRRD to listen to her urgent plea to, like please, Mr. President, do something to save Zamcelco now on its brink to total collapse with even promptness.

Such support like do or die, so much dearly meant to her. Then, it was just trashed like that—simply it failed to muster enough votes, whoa!

Many from the cross-section of our community felt Mayor Beng appeared dejected over the lackluster support of her yellow team in the council as two of her supposed staunch supporters from her yellow camp turned away from her when sought for their earnest support that day. “Pakimodo man se ya keda ansina, Pencing? Ya bira man cara sila lli cunele(Mayor Beng)? That was a clear slap on her face. “That means she cannot trust them anymore,” a top SP personnel sought an answer on such a debacle—defiling it as a smack on her face, as team leader of the   amarillo or yellow camp.

“Bien duele kel siempre cunel Alcalde Beng, cay dol grande insult kel cunele. Dol un grande palmada kel cunele, Jun. The least they could do there was to inhibit,” a top political pundit dismally noted.

“Na,quien alegre lli, Jun?Siempre c Celso.” Ya abla pa.

But, the mayor vowed to pursue her lonely fight versus the supposed shenanigans in Zamcelco sans letup, “Because sir Jun, as the local chief executive, it’s incumbent upon me to look after the welfare of my constituents,” our modest lady mayor Beng responded to this corner when recognized during last Monday’s weekly CH press-con.

Tupao tamen.


WHEN confronted with its own pressing issue, Zamcelco shrugged off such innuendoes. “We already anticipated all the allusions. This is why we’re for the fast-tracking of the IMC,” a top Zamcelco source bared.

Again, Zamcelco, they admitted, “is down but not out.”

Zamcelco said NEA takeover of the power coop is not new at all. There was a time when a certain Engr. Cada accordingly made a big turnaround for the better in our power coop during its past ailing days, as well. “There was no issue of alleged graft and corruption. The system’s loss was under its allowed tolerable level. There was money earned for Zamcelco. It was in its robust state, “a top lawyer here curtly narrated.

Zamcelco OIC Manager Engr. Ed Ancheta said he wasn’t bothered at all by all these bad publicities hounding Zamcelco. Engr. Ancheta who’s now a born-again kingdom follower of “Jesus Christ—the name above every name” said he’s unperturbed by all these adverse criticisms against them. “Continua lang kita ase diatom trabaho,” came the terse reply from the soft-spoken OIC/Manager (Engr. Ancheta).

As for his part, Zamcelco Prexy Omar Sahi said they’ll continue their rebidding for the IMC. As of this writing, the number of bidders for the rebid stands at five, to wit: Nicolas power services, Filinvest, Crown Holdings, Aboitiz and Meralco. Its outcome for the winning bidder will be announced on Aug. 20, as it has been reset from its earlier schedule that fell last Aug. 3.

The change came for yet unclear reasons. (By Jun Feliciano)  (30)

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