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There is no point in arguing with this kind of a crap. Reportedly, a veteran councilor from the "yellow team" (Liberal Party or LP) is preparing to object the appointment of selected council nominee Coun. Gerky Valesco.

All one has to do is to look at his voter’s certificate of registration. Objection killed. Dead on track.

Any opposition, perhaps may only succeed to delay Valesco’s membership should they succeed to obtain a court-issued temporary restraining order (TRO).

SS, however, does not believe any local administration ally with a sound mind, will oppose the Valesco appointment.

Granting that move would happen, and local coalition head Cong. Celso Lobregat changes his mind on who to choose because of the delay, who would they rather have as replacement - Haj Sandag or possibly maybe even SS (El Cañonaso)?

Watch out!

They should bear in mind, in 2013 due to differing choice of a mayoralty candidate, when the LDP dumped the more senior Erbie Fabian, Cañonaso simply went on leave and jumped ship, with Lobregat’s permission.

Come to think of it now. SS was all the while right. Agree? His choice then is now biting the hand that fed him.

Object pa more, yellow d***bell.

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Friend Lino Santos, later confirmed that a businessman commented on our SS item on the Zamcelco Investment Management Contract (IMC). SS shares it with you - “I heard one company or one conglomerate is willing to invest some three or more billion pesos to rehabilitate Zamcelco. One billion will be used to rehabilitate or upgrade the entire lines/network and replace the lines with new ones including transformers and the like. The other billion will be used to pay off the debts of the cooperative to power suppliers in Mindanao. And the third billion will (be) use(d) to pay the retirement benefits of overstaying and retirable officials and employees. Another billion (the fourth) will be used for other needs of the cooperative. The group believes that they can reduce the systems loss brought about through the years by line fixers, corrupt power billers, underground connections and the like. The offer appears to be good except that there are others interested in channeling the IMC to their favored power dealers for one reason or the other. I think politics is also rearing its head in the matter of the IMC. If we listen hard to the wind, we may come across good tidbits of information sometime.”

Added to that, the businessman, who SS opts to not to identify at the moment, opined a different tone. Similarly possible as to Lino’s view, he said, a local politician has dipped his hand on the matter, but with a different  agenda - leave things as they are, and continuously depend on power suppliers from whom that personality allegedly collects percentage in collection.

Whew… What revelations! Chilling.

That, the informant says, is why deliberations on the conglomerate’s offer continues to stall.

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Sen. Grace Poe takes to task Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson for her controversial “Pepedederalismo” video jingle.

Filing a resolution, Poe seeks an inquiry into it and the P90 million federalism information campaign fund of Pres. Duterte for the Consultative Committee (Con-com).

She claimed the Uson jingle (referring likely to the dance motions of co-host Drew Olivar), “reeks of impropriety to the Con-com” and did not help elevate the public discourse on the government’s proposed Charter change to shift to a federal form of government.

On intelligent discourse, agreed.

But on awareness, SS begs to disagree. Earlier, Uson had simply, and appearing very practical, defended her video with Olivar, saying it was meant to get Filipinos to talk about federalism.

And talked they did! The video went viral. Meaning, Filipinos saw it and heard about “Pepedederalismo,” via the coined phrase, “I-pepe, i-pepe, i-dede, i-dede, pepe pepe pederalismo!”

Surely the phrase stuck.

And certainly then aware now of Federalism, utilizing the P90 million promotional fund, campaigners may go embark on intelligent discourses all over the country on federalism.

SS dares say, she did drive home the point. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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