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Council of greed and envy? (“In Zamboanga City, the primary problem is greed, envy and insecurities among some of our city officials.”


City Councils should embody and represent the sentiments, the voice, and the expectations of the constituents. As such, it is also expected, that since the city legislative council is supposed to be composed of well-schooled, fine-mannered and more decent individuals, much is expected of them to offer solutions to the problems besetting the community.

Public expectations point out the city council of Zamboanga should be an oasis of solution. Like any other city, Zamboanga City is embroiled with problems faced by any modern metropolitan; traffic, drugs, crime rates, rice shortage, utility backlogs, infrastructure deficiency, and corruption.

While public involvement is being pleaded at the moment, such plead may be deemed as a smokescreen for scapegoat because some key officials fall short in foresight, lack in dedication, and simply deficient of expertise and managerial competencies to address the myriads of setbacks. And this is where the constituents look up to; the members of the Sanggunian Panlungsod.

The present composition of its members may very well be trying on their individual conduct to cope up with the needed flair and capability. The sad reality: many are deviating from solving the real problems of the day. Some resort to trifling and cheap pretensions just to prove they indeed deserve to be at the city council. Again, the Feudal mentality reigns over. Making the people dependent on the politicians, from tuition fees to electric bills and even for a mere haircut. While it may be a good way to help and promote oneself, Alas! The real problems like traffic, drugs, electricity and floods and the rest,have been deviated and avoided because they do not have the keenness and creative solutions in mind. Worst, many of these city officials often deceive the public with their gobbledygook and baloney rhetoric posted over Facebook.

Recently, President Duterte appointed a member of the local council to a regional government position. In the exigency of service, political autonomy is observed i.e. to replace and serve the remaining term of that vacant post so that legislative responsibilities and mandate will not be hampered.

This early, it is alleged that certain souls at the City Council are out to block the incoming appointee. The said appointee who has already been nominated is well picked by the party and considered to be rightfully chosen to be in the August Halls based on track record and accomplishments during his term. To people’s knowledge, said appointee has done significant things in terms of tourism promotions. Likewise, he is said to be well appreciated by the people for his role in public service.

Initially, both the Commission on Elections as well as the Department of Interior and Local Government see no legal impediments if and when the inward bound appointee is set to assume the said post considering no provisions were violated. Background check and documents have been thoroughly scrutinized and was given green light to run for office from wayback. Based on votes garnered during the three elections, he was elected overwhelmingly.

If and when the time comes he will set foot in that political dungeon, either he will be welcomed or he will be embarrassed and humiliated with all the slurs and rudeness as some members will definitely try to flex their muscles just so to project themselves asmore brilliant than the others. And when that happens; people will be upset and disappointed to see that taxes they are paying are for government officials whose sole ingenuity is to destroy fellow Zamboangueños. People say, instead of welcoming a familiar bloc who may offer meaningful solutions to the city’s pressing problems, why obstruct? If the malevolent souls will move to block his assumption,that day will again be wasted at the council with no solutions rendered because it will just be another day spent nurturing overstuffed egos.

Like other cities in the country, ours has its share of formidable problems; from garbage to fraud. But that’s secondary. InZamboanga City, the primary problem is greed, envy, insecurities among some of our city officials.

Cast the first stone. The city is watching.

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