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Bull’s eye! Remember only a few days back, we had touched on the IMC-consumated bid? Cholo Soliven, president of the Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation Incorporated (ZCCIFI) and RDC Economic Development Region 9 chairman, has spoken out similarly, “Zamcelco got a very good deal from Crown Investment Holdings to manage the electric coop under the IMC. Let us now move on.”

We have to again spark this point in that the Zamcelco board would speed up the formalization of the deal.

Soliven said that based on the floor price to start the bid of a mere P1.2 billion, Crown Holdings offered to infuse more than double that amount.

Soliven said he is not sure if the other prospective bidders, Meralco, Aboitiz, FilInvest and Nicolas Engineering Services are willing to infuse as much as P2.5 billion for Zamcelco.

Primo Ven, the cards are on the table. It can very well be said, the answer is no.

SS sources say, the next closest bid to Crown’s was a mere P1.5 billion. No more, no less.

No point for Zamcelco to procrastinate. You are right, Primo, “…Let us now move on.”

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The recent inauguration of new infra and facility additions to the local government hospital, ZCMC, formerly ZGH comes with good news for cancer patients in this part of the region.

No more need fly outside the city for medication.

ZCMC is now equipped with a Cancer Center.

Cong. Celso Lobregat, credited for the needed budgetary jostlings with DOH and Congress, said, “This is a reality now, as the cancer center is 98% complete and the LINAC machine is expected to arrive and installed before the year ends."

That would necessarily then make the center 100 percent complete.

Lobregat’s indefatigable moves before powers-that-be netted P333,936,900 for the feat.

And Lobregat further committed to continue assisting ZCMC in the implementation of its major infrastructure programs, as well as in the continued delivery of health services to the people of Zamboanga City and the Western Mindanao Region.

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The Department of Agriculture (DA) and the National Food Authority (NFA) on Saturday launched a joint campaign against rice hoarding, in a bid to help ease the country’s rice supply woes.

With that comes the offered reward of P250,000 for leads that would pin down the culprits, in what is coined as Report a “Hoarder” campaign.

"Identity of informants will be held in strict confidentiality,” Agriculture Sec. Manny Piñol vowed.

Those who have information could contact the DA through these numbers:

(02) 920-9117 - Office of the Secretary, DA

0928-611-5555 - DZRH Textline

(02) 8326166; 8326167; 8326117 – DZRH.

Listening to local broadcasters, they have to say.

Gentlemen, pick up the phone. Now is the time to move, and even earn in the process.

Noticeably, what many of you have been announcing in the airlanes, point to the brains.

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For presumptuous (that’s per SS readings on midway results of the electoral protest against her) Vice President Leni Robredo, rape jokes are never funny.

Robredo speaking in Pilipino said, “Rape exists because there are rapists, not because there are beautiful women.”

Eh..? To SS that may be true in part. But beautiful or not, exhibitionist women could be the cause of rape.

“Exhibitionists” are those who unsuspectingly tend to tempt men with sexy attires, temptatious smiles, looks and actions that show much, leaving little for the imagination. Such factors may liably lure men to go for the little that was imagined.

Dear folks, don’t take that as gospel truth. SS is not an authority on the issue.

Just an amusing thought to stir one’s mind.

Bow…   (By Jimmy Cabato)

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