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MAYOR Beng as the local chief executive of ZC, has all the powers vested upon her, provided under the PNP law, to exercise when it comes to police matters.

“To include, Jun, in choosing amongst the names listed to be the next police director in the city. That’s well provided for under our PNP Law,” argued a former top-ranked police official now retired from active service.

He said it’s the prerogative of the local chief executive of an LGU to choose or select his/her police chief when it comes to securing thoroughly well his or her own LGU.

He said he heard Mayor Beng argued her case when she revealed new ZCPO OIC S/Supt. Thomas Joseph Martir was not her preference to be the rightful replacement for the outgoing ZCPO OIC S/Supt. Alan Nazarro. “I heard her say that in a radio or tv interview. Such a failure on her part, acknowledging the fact it was PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde who handpicked police colonel Martir to replace Nazarro as the new ZCPO OIC, then, this is a dent to her being our leader in the city,” he rued.

I’m not sowing any intrigue here. But, the way this erstwhile top police official spoke out over the weekend, couldn’t be shaded.

He revealed one instance, when, according to him, Mayor Beng’s predecessor, former City Mayor and now Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat had to take drastic move before the crime shooting incidents increased all the more. What he did, Jun, he didn’t choose anyone named in the list as possible new police chief provided him by Camp Crame, he instead made his strong recommendation to make again then S/Supt. and now retired C/Supt. Mario Yanga as ZCPO chief for even several times (Was it for the fifth or sixth time?) to help address the city’s erratic peace and order condition. And, it paid off well, till Yanga did the impossible to cap his illustrious accomplishments as police chief when he personally led a crack police team to storm the kidnappers’ lair, and arrested on the spot the kidnappers and their alleged brain, a topnotch lawyer who’s now detained at the ZC jail station, since the KFR incident was foiled, and their kidnap victim, a businessman, was recovered alive after months of captivity as a hostage kept in their hideout located just near the premises of then Southcom (now Wesmincom) which is in Southcom Village in  Brgy. Upper Calarian.

“Jun, this is just an example that the local chief executive can have a final say in the choice for a police chief in a local gov’t unit, as it’s explicitly provided under the PNP law. In the case of our present Mayor Beng, she was frustrated to find out, as she admitted herself, that it was Gen. Albayalde himself who named Martir as the next ZCPO OIC to replace Nazarro. This is just disgusting!” the same source chided.

Well, Mayor Beng, what can you say as a rejoinder?


TODAY is supposed to be the conduct of Zamcelco’s AGMA to be held at its own gymnasium inside its compound in Brgy. Putik, as published earlier.

But, wait, what’s this we heard that a sector here filed yesterday an injunction for a preliminary injunction in a bid to stop the AGMA slated for today?

Dol trambulicao man cosa kita ta uwi ste mga tiempo aserca siempre lli na aton cooperative de electricidad?

Cosa ba gayot el verdad punta y pono lli na issue, ha?

“Pencing, alam na.”

Ese pa cosa ya contesta canaton.

Let’s see what’s going to happen, next. All I wish for, is that it’ll tantamount to our benefits, all-- as member-consumers of Zamcelco. That’s it, period. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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