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We’re back from a grueling three-day, two-night land trip to Cagayan de Oro City, missing SS on Sunday and Monday. But it has returned with good tidings.

The Baliwasan-Red Corals Hermosuras soccer team that competed in the 2018 Pinay In Action Footsal games in Cagayan de Oro City emerged Champion in the Sen. Pia Cayetano-sponsored cup.

Thus, our efforts paid off well. And the plum was no mean feat. Among a one-day no-defeat six-game trip to the finals, the Bali-Red Corals Hermosuras beat to the pulp teams loaded with veteran competitors of the 2018 Vigan Palarong Pambansa - Cebu Ateneo, the champion; and Ozamis City, the 1st runner-up, with a 2-1 and 3-0 victory, respectively, in the finals.

From the local champion team, three emerged with top individual honors out of four: Jerry Mae Tubio, Most Valuable Player; JV Bernardo, Best Goalkeeper and Jhoane Jalnais, Best Defender.

The indefatigable team head coach Reynan Marzan, who shaped the team to its bloodthirsty form said, their constant practice sessions after classes, diligence and dedication to the sports paid off well.

Coach adviser Hermes “Junie” Manuel, a former Philippine National Team player, who traveled with group to the Golden Friendship City by land, was equally gratified of the win. He said, hopefully the Bali-Red Corals, teeming with highly talented and spirited members will be able to join in other prestigious tilts such as that of the Cayetano-subsidized tournament.

Informed of such desire, Cap Lay Bato, Aimie of Baliwasan gave word that as much as possible, for as long her personal and LGU finances allow, “Consider it done.”

Not to be outdone by his younger sis, Councilor Marxander Jaime “Boday” Cabato, initiator of such programs in Baliwasan, prior to team’ departure personally chipped in a considerable sum to help finance the trip.

And Lady Bato, Aimie named Bali pro bono Head Executive Assistant and father Jimmy Cabato as Head of Delegation in her absence due to pressing barangay matters.

In tow were two other proficient coaching assistants, Randy Francisco and Reyman Marzan.

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NEA has given the go-signal for ZAMCELCO to proceed with its general membership meeting to approve the Investor-Manager contract. And NEA is sending a representative to attend the gathering set for tomorrow, September 11.

This comes after a massive P2.5 billion bid Crown Investment and Desco offered for the right to manage debt-ridden power cooperative Zamcelco.

Administrator Masongsong expressed optimism that Zamboanga City residents will soon be alleviated from rotating brownouts with the capital infusion of the winning bidder.

Masongsong said in Pilipino, “The offer is truly great for Zamcelco, an offer that perhaps you cannot refuse.”

SS, however, coming from a three-day absence, at this time, additional comments to those he had voiced prior to events unfolding these days.

But with optimism the head of the safeguarding arm of government over electric cooperatives its exuding, it’s a big question mark for the aims of reported oppositors, who are said  to block the participation of members in the general assembly today.

Why oh why?


X x x x X

Mayor Beng Climaco has vowed to pursue the legal battle against perpetrators of the 2013 Zamboanga siege until the very end, as she stressed the battlecry “Never again Zamboanga City.”


To SS, however, even if that legal battle does prosper, of what good will that be?

The lives and properties lost in that protracted battle can never be restored anyway. They are gone.

Under the Local Government Code, the City Mayor is empowered to call in the police and the military to quell a rebellion at any time.

Thus, the raid should have been crushed at its onset.

Remember, folks, the invaders were massed up only in a single area - Arena Blanco - on the first two days of the stand-off.

Our leadership later did that, but has sadly given the raiders a leeway to disperse and create havoc, as they did, in more areas than one.

Estimably, it was on those evolving days, that the intruders should been contained in one place - Arena.

Failingly, our city’s head should have called in the police and the military in the ‘em infant stage.

To speak bravely now of a fight to the end for a mere legal battle, impresses SS not a bit.

Under the circumstance, does it to you?  (By Jimmy Cabato)

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