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Here’s a self-explanatory note earlier posted on SS fb wall. Read on, please.

“Whooops... Chances are SS misses out today. Article done. At reviewing/editing stage, pcu went berserk. Had to restart program, assured autosave feature is on. It was not. Somebody tinkered with it. Everything then went pffft.... such a sorry lot me. Good day one and all.”

And indeed SS did not see print. Sorry.

Hereunder is a reconstructed item that went into this air. And it’s boring to rewrite a done work.

But here it is.

The euphoria on the victory of the Baliwasan-Red Corals recent victory in the Sen. Pia Cayetano-sponsored Pinay In Action cup, held in Cagayan de Oro City lives in some sections here.

Beating tough teams that included veterans of the Vigan Palaro Champion team, Cebu’s Ateneo, 2-1; and 1st Runner-up from Ozamis City, 3-0, the win was truly spectacular.

Thus, siblings Councilor Marxander Jaime “Boday” Cabato and Cap Aimie, Lady Bato of Baliwasan are keen on rewarding the kids and their coaches to an outing here on a place of their choice sometime this month.

SS, in his capacity as pro bono Head Executive Assistant in the barangay, representing daughter Lady Bato, as head of the delegation of 16, on her instruction, feted them with simple fun and enjoyment on the way back to this city. Both in Iligan City, they were first taken to a sight-seeing tour of Ma. Cristina Falls.

The sight of the rampaging waters of the falls wrote big smiles on their faces as they awed in wonder.

Then it was off to a nearby Timuga Resort where they bathed unabatedly until it was time to hit the road for home. We arrive about 1:30 dawn.

SS takes time out to thank Eagle Kuya Vic Lingating for referring us to Kuya Arnold Mulig, who made the arrangements on our two outings. In tow was his Ate.

Entry to the Falls viewing deck, you know, needs connections for entry. All of them reserved time for us. Salamat kaayu, Kuyas Vic and Arnold. To our Ate, too.

And thank you also to you dear readers for finding time to read this shared memory. Gracias.

X x x x X

Mon Quin, a dear friend in media, celebrates his birthday on the 14th, depending when and at where you browse over this item.

In his retirement stage, he has turned to commendable social work. Repeated medical/dental missions in his birthplace Labuan, and soon on joint request of Councilor Boday and Cap Aimie, one in Baliwasan, too.

It was actually planned for the 13th, tomorrow but because only one doctor was to have been available, they decided to instead set it to some other day to accommodate serving more constituents.

And on his birthday, he marks it, as he has been practicing for the some five years now, feeding children in his neighborhood.

Likewise, maybe with only Bong Clemente in competition, he tops anyone here or maybe even all over the country, on the matter of donating blood. He has shed blood some 76 times for donations.

Power up more, amigo. Happy birthday.

X x x x X

P/Chief Supt. Billy Beltran is set to sling in his uniform as P/Chief Supt. Emmanuel Luis Delgado Licup was to have assumed yesterday the regional directorship of PRO9.

It was a memorable ritual for it came in celebration of the 117th Police Service anniversary. And it was PNP Chief Director General Oscar Albayalde, who led the rites.

Beltran will be assigned at the PNP National Headquarters in Camp Crame in preparation for his mandatory retirement on October 5, 2018.

Prior to his assignment here, Licup was with Police Regional Office 4B in Mimaropa Region.

X x x x X

Here is another practical idea of this Digong of a character. Rice from Sabah may one day just pour into Mindanao.

Duterte said he is considering rice trading with Sabah to pave the way for entry of cheaper rice for some parts of Mindanao.

“If worse comes to worst, I will open Sabah.”

Mr. Pres. “just do it”. Do not wait the worst, the ‘”worse “ is here. People’s suffering is more than hard enough. Stop the “worse”. It’s misery enough.

Whoa… wait. What is this that bright boy Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque, who wants to be senator, saying? “The rice traders however will be required to pay the corresponding import tariffs for the rice stocks intended for Zambasulta (Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi) area”.

That is not the kind of trading we are accustomed to. To us, trading as in the Marcos era is bartering. Tax free.

Taxing rice importation will just the same raise prices. There will be no cheap rice. Say mo?   (By Jimmy Cabato)

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