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Why not a special task force of taxpayers?


In a special meeting of the Independent Press of Zamboanga  Peninsula, Inc. two  important and relevant Resolutions were unanimously approved by its Governing Council, namely: ( 1.) A Resolution  Requesting His Excellency Benigno Simeon C. Aquino, President, Republic of the Philippines to issue an Executive Order or craft a legislative proposal to be certified an urgent bill for enactment into law by Congress making the highest taxpayer of the country as a regular member of the Lower House of the Philippine Legislature, and  for all legislative bodies  of the different local government units through the country to be represented by their respective  highest taxpayers as certified and recommended by the Bureau of Internal Revenue Officer or Director, and (2)  A Resolution requesting any Congressman or Senator  to sponsor a bill amending the composition of the Governing Board of Regents/Trustees of State Universities and Colleges as stipulated in Section 3 of Republic Act 8292. The principal justification for these two legislative proposal is the fact that the taxpayers are the principal fiscal source of the Annual National Budget of the Philippines and therefore, its indispensable lifeblood or support system, but sadly is the sector of society that is not represented in the Philippine Legislature and the Board of Regents/Trustees of the Colleges and Universities of the country. These legislative proposals if enacted into laws will surely inspire and motivate the citizens to pay their taxes promptly, correctly, and regularly which will definitely be a boon to our national economy.

Another suggestion that I believe will help in the administration’s campaign to eliminate graft and corruption in government bureaucracy to take the place of the judicially rejected Truth Commission, is the organization of a Special Task Force composed of taxpayers at every level of governance which will be authorize to examined the books of accounts of all government offices and agencies These Special Task Force shall also be empowered to monitor, inspect, evaluate, audit, and account all public works and project undertaken and funded out of the taxes of the people. To enable this proposed Task Force to perform its functions effectively, efficiently, and without threats and harassment  from anybody, the will be provided with maximum protection and security by a team of Marines assigned officially by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. What do you say, folks?

By Clem M. Bascar

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