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Writing this article is expected done before or a little later that 1 pm today, and that’s just about the starting time of the Partido Demokratikong Pilipino (PDP) Zamboanga City coalition, under Cong. Celso Lobregat, political move. So of it, we simply write on interestingly touchy speculations.

Yesterday, it was said, PDP here is leaving voters in suspense, baring that they are leaving certain positions vacant until the last filing day of Certificates of Candidacy (COC) on 17 October 2018.

But no, not, it appears. From all indications as based on pronouncements preceding the event today, we may be in for a surprise.

Sample, “… Lobregat described the electoral fight, the main event… we will try to provide the best fighters from ‘Team Colorao’…’’

And the best fighter in the team is Lobregat. That is therefore a giveaway emphasis. He is gunning for a return to City Hall - the mayorship.

Thus, with the spectacle of preparations for today’s announcement, it could even be a surefire cinch - Hold your breath - in spite of that overly suspenseful statement of revealing the top positions until filing deadline, it could be a highly leveled up cinch the announcement could come today.

Keep watch.

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Certainly upon direct orders of Pres. Duterte that followed a SAP Bong Go statement here that he will bring to the president’s attention the loss of some 23,000 bags of rice in the custody of the local customs office, the latter’s personnel recovered some 80 % the millions of pesos worth of smuggled rice kept in three private warehouses in the city and in a compound in a family compound.

A good development, yes. And if local authorities do impartially investigate the case of the missing rice, the probe will surely lead to the unmasking of the mastermind/s of the smuggling syndicate in this city

But are they?

Curiously, local Customs Collector Atty. Lyceo Martinez identified only one owner of a place where part of the missing rice was recovered. The clients/owners of the other bodegas remain unnamed.

Oddity mounts because there is one influential name that surfaces as owner/client. Hinting malice on none, the name that bristles is allegedly a Salazar.

Just a point of incongruity.

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My oh my. This inconsistency speaks ill of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

He said, Malacañang denied that President Duterte was rushed to a hospital early Wednesday morning, causing him to skip his scheduled attendance to an event in the Palace the same day.

He went further to say, Duterte was absent not because he was sick, but because he realized that he hasn’t had a day-off for quite some time, adding, the President simply “decided to have private time.”

And closely apart from each other, Duterte himself confirmed reports that he went to the hospital - Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

He later hinted on a possible stage 3 cancer ailment, saying, “If it’s third stage, no more treatment. I will not prolong the agony in this office or anywhere,” he added.

He intimated the ignored doctor’s advice to stop and that he did not.  “… That’s why I have this regret. It always comes late. So it got worse.” he added.

He assured, however, whatever later medical results show, he will inform the public

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President Duterte said he is assuming full responsibility over the still rising prices of basic commodities.

Not making an excuse accordingly, he said, in effect explaining, every time there is an increase in oil prices, everything increases. That’s what inflation is all about.

And increase in oil prices is beyond the control of any leader worldwide.  (By Jimmy Cabato)

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