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Another SS miss may crop up tomorrow. No surety though. In celebration of Nuestra Sra. Santo Rosario, the Cabato clan meets for our annual reunion. Just not sure of the anniversarial time, my guess it’s it is well over the 108th this year.

Happy fiesta, parientesco Cabato.

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We were right on target when we wrote predicting this occurrence, “From all indications as based on pronouncements preceding the event, we may be in for a surprise…”

“Sample, Lobregat described the electoral fight, the main event… we will try to provide the best fighters from ‘Team Colorao’…  And the best fighter in the team is Lobregat. That is therefore a giveaway emphasis. He is gunning for a return to City Hall - the mayorship…”

“Thus, with the spectacle of preparations for today’s event, it could even be a surefire cinch Hold your breath,  in spite of that overly suspenseful statement of revealing the top positions until filing deadline, it could be a highly-leveled up cinch the announcement could come today.”

And it did.

Celso Lobregat is gunning for a return to City Hall.

Determined to the hilt, even uttering combative words to describe the enemy’s artificiality, such as “gallina loca” Lobregat, prophesied said “This is going to be a tough fight, it will not be easy as our opponent is using all government resources for her re-election.”

Whereas never before, he continued, incentives are now given to the senior citizens, medicines are delivered personally to the houses of senior citizens which were never done in the past. “Tarpaulins have been posted all over the place announcing projects still to come and so much more. All of these are done to give the impression that the city government is doing so much and because she cares but I believe the Zamboangueños can see through all these drama and plasticity.”

In spite of those bult-in disadvantages, Lobregat goes to war.

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A major revamp in the Duterte cabinet creeps in as at least six members are resigning to seek public office.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said that new appointments will surely be made next week to fill the looming void.

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Malacañang cannot determine if President Duterte is suffering from a serious illness following the Chief Executive’s recent admission about going to the hospital for a follow-up examination on Wednesday.

Just what is all this brouhaha of Duterte. So what if he is sick. Everybody dies in the first place. Even if truly dying, for as long as he can move around performing his functions and rendering sane statements, to SS such issue is no big deal.

Secondly, even to the point picturing his own spokesman as a cover-upper, nay liar, he doesn’t hesitate revealing he checked into a hospital for further tests, at the same time flatly hinting on having stage 3 cancer.

See the point? Say you?

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Starting the day he called God - sorry, Lord for having to repeat this word - stupid, Duterte’s popularity ratings began to slip.

This time around, his net satisfaction grade suffered an added eight-point drop in the third quarter of 2018. So says the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey results.

Conducted from Sept. 15 to 23, the result, however, still revealed about 65 percent of adult Filipinos as satisfied and 19 percent were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied while 15 percent were dissatisfied.

The result in sum: rating suffered significant drop compared with the 72% in June 2018.

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