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With all other slots in the PDP local coalition filled up for the 2019 elections, the vice mayor’s slot and council bet in each district remain unfilled.

Three candidates are vying for the VM slot - Former Councilor Melchor Sadain, Councilor Miguel Alavar and Liga ng mga Barangay President Jerry Perez.

Council contenders for the first district are incumbents Rodolfo Lim, Marxander Jaime “Boday” Cabato and Joselito Macrohon, Luis Rubio Biel III, Rogelio Valesco and Pilarica Ledesma.

Sadain will join the group if he is not chosen to be Lobregat’s running mate.

News report speaks of only six, if you look closely, but then memory also tells us, the 7th is Kymer Olaso. Right?

And speculations are, if Sadain fights for the VM slot, Heart and Justice Haj Sandag is a shoo-in.

For second district, the council candidates are incumbents, former councilor Vincent Paul Elago, media men Marlon Simbajon, Lumayang barangay captain  Frederick Atilano, businessman Richard Mariano, and Culianan Barangay Kagawad Mark Saavedra.

As reported, Alavar will join the group if failed to be chosen as vice mayoral candidate. Council slate? Will have to check on that, for SS guesses, Alavar is a 3rd termer. Right again?

So chosen or not, mediaman Philip Abuy  who is in the reserved list, could be the 8th.

Next up is, City Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar announced Friday, October 5, the increase of allowances for public school teachers from P700 each in 2017 to P1,000 this year.

And this means an allocation of P69.996 million for the total 5,833 teachers for 2018 as compared to the P47.409 million allocation for 5,644 teachers in 2017.

And Salazar said this a fitting gift to them on World Teachers’ day, the 8th.

Fitting gift or as in the words of returning Mayor Celso Lobregat, a come on, using government machineries and resources?

This was the tough part, Lobregat said, in fighting the incumbent. He also cited the recent grant of a first-time ever allowances to senior citizens.

The recipient do merit the bouses, only the timing is suspect.

In chavacano, it is aid, “Let us to see.”

X x x x X

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque has taken a leave of absence starting Monday as he continued to mull over his options whether or not to stay in government.

Leaving the government seems a direct show of disgust over two points - appearing a liar having denied bossman Duterte’s medical checkup in a hospital being apparently estranged or outside the “kulambu” and Duterte’s outright declaration, he cannot win in the senate race.

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Senate minority leader Franklin Drilon on Sunday said he is opposed to the President Duterte’s decision to appoint a retired military officer to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), saying the administration of the agency is better left to career officials. Drilon went on, “We should not militarize the government. We should maintain the civilian nature of our bureaucracies.”

While his stature is much much higher, but each one has his/her own opinion, SS dares raising a contradictory point. Any profession, vocation or occupation is a career. It does not then disqualify or diminish one’s capability to serve.

Lt. Gen. Rodolfo Bautista is now retired. That makes him a civilian with no direct hand in military affairs.

And more particularly in the field of social service, the highest criterion to serve could only be a heart to serve and discipline. That’s him. Bow.

X x x x X

Communications Sec. Martin Andanar said that despite the uncertainty of President Duterte’s health, his condition does not seem to hinder the Chief Executive in doing his duties.

Agreed fully well, and that angle was discussed here very recently.

We said, “What’s the hullabaloo about Duterte dying? For as long as he moves unhampered in performing his functions, with no incoherent statements made, it’s no big deal."

Right you are Mr. Secretary.

Say you, folks.

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