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Exciting 2019 poll contest looms in Camarines Norte


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…As no one has power over the wind to contain it, so no one has power over the time of their death…” (Ecclesiastes 8:8, the Holy Bible)


EXCITING 2019 POLL CONTEST LOOMS IN CAMARINES NORTE: Exciting is the word that I will use to describe the results of the 2019 mid-term elections in Camarines Norte. This is due to the fact that, for the first time, prominent political families in the province decided to run together under one political party, the PDP Laban, the party of President Duterte. They are doing this in a bid to push Duterte’s agenda for change in the whole country, particularly on transforming our present bicameral system to a federal system.

The province’s current governor, Edgardo Angeles Tallado, is leading this union as he is again running for governor in 2019. He is joined in this crusade by the incumbent vice governor, Jonah Pedro Guinto Pimentel. The Panotes family, which is led by my brother-in-law Concon (the former number one councilor of Daet town, and grandson of former Gov. Wilfredo Panotes), has joined forces with Tallado and Pimentel, with Concon running as a board member of the province under PDP Laban.

Another member of the Panotes clan, 2nd District Rep. Marisol “Toots” Panotes (wife of deceased Rep. Elmer Panotes, uncle of Concon), is also seeking re-election under the banner of the Tallado-Pimentel tandem. Then, Mrs. Josie Baning Tallado, the spouse of Gov. Tallado, is gunning for the congressional seat for the 1st District of Camarines Norte. Then, all incumbent mayors at the 2nd District of the province are all running with Tallado, whose primary platforms include education, economy, and agriculture.


BAGUIO CITY MUST PUT UP NEW TOURIST SPOTS: My siblings (Philip, Leny and Marisa) and I, and our spouses and their children (my only child is still studying abroad) were in Baguio City from November 02, 2018 up to the time I wrote this column, and were we amazed to see the greatly overflowing number of tourists in the city, both local and foreign!

We witnessed the creeping (and crippling) heavy traffic flow (almost similar in scope with what is being experienced daily in Metro Manila now) that afflicts almost all the major thoroughfares in the city, known worldwide as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” because of its pleasantly-cold weather all year round. We also saw that all the known tourist destinations there have become heavily swamped with people trying to squeeze themselves in, in whatever available little spots Baguio City can still offer.

One big headache for Baguio City nowadays is the lack of new places where tourists can go and enjoy themselves. Many in fact have become fed up with Wright Park, Mines View Park, Baguio Cathedral, Grotto, Good Shepherd, and Burnham Park. If Baguio City officials won’t be able to come up with new attractions real soon, or if measures to limit the entry of tourists into the city will not be passed, Baguio City’s reputation as a tourist destination will vanish in no time at all.


PEOPLE WHO LEAVE TRASH IN CEMETERIES SHOW GREAT DISRESPECT TO THEIR DEAD LOVED ONES: Great disappointment, if not perhaps great anger, must be what the administrators of the different public cemeteries in Metro Manila must be feeling now, with the news that tons and tons of garbage were left by people who paid their dead a visit on November 01 and November 02, as part of the All Saints’ Day commemoration this 2018. Yes, as the garbage has shown, many of our countrymen now sorely lack discipline in their bones.

Why, if our people who went to the cemeteries have discipline, they would not have surely left even a piece of dirt near the tombs where the remains of their loved ones have been interred. Isn’t it a fact that Filipinos go to cemeteries every first and second days of November each year to honor and pay respects to their dead relatives?

What honor and respect are we talking about when we leave our garbage and trash right where our dead relatives are entombed? In effect, what this sorry behavior shows is the abject lack of respect many Filipinos have as against their loved ones. I guess it would be appropriate to ask these “garbage throwers” this question: how would they feel if, when it is their turn to be entombed, their relatives would be throwing garbage at their own resting places, too?


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