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Let’s welcome 2011 with high hopes


We end the year 2010 as a nation hopeful and optimistic about the future. One survey shows that 9 out of 10 Filipinos are hopeful about the coming year 2011. It is the year of the rabbit, the Chinese calendar shows.

The government as we urge to continue its program for greater responsibility and accountability. We need a government free of corruption as this will certainly ensure the highest quality of public service which at this point in time an indispensable clamor of the people.

President Noynoy Aquino apparently in his six months in office has not shown impressive performance. His “pagbabago” program did not even reach its first base. The high hopes for brightest future must first of all, find positive action, support and cooperation from our public officials. The old syndrome and malpractices are still the order of the day. 

In Lamitan across the strait, the cityhood remains a big quest among its local elective officials awaiting the final decision of the Supreme Court.

Mayor Roderick Furigay despite having been slapped with 90-days preventive suspension for act that had been viewed as an honest-to-goodness error done in good faith finds time to pursue the dream to see the cityhood of Lamitan.

Somehow, the generous city mayor is expected to return back to his old elective post on January 26 this year. As usual, his political comrades in the Sanggunian are anxious to see him back and deliver the state of the city address (SOCA) during their maiden session.

Over here in the island province of Basilan, the Basileños are apprehensive over the abnormal peace and order situation. Killings and kidnappings are still rampant including the “kurakut” syndrome of some government men and women. Hopefully, Basilan does not become the 3-K’s province of the ARMM.

Governor Jum Akbar has been on the job as re-electionist governor for six months. Many of her friends and supporters have noticed of her frequent absences from the island – province. The $64 questions – Has she lived up to her pledge to make Basilan a peaceful place to live in? Is the province on its way to achieving honest and effective governance especially among local government units? This observation remains for the eyes to see, the heart to feel and the quizzical mind to make an analysis.

It is not enough to condemn the killings and kidnappings of innocent persons but the police with the aid of the military force must leave no stone unturned to get the culprits. The dictum that the police serves and protects should be given substance and meaning so the people’s mindset and trust would stay with our law enforcers.

Let me say, what’s happening to our police force these days? In some cities, they’ve gone rogue instead of preventing crimes to happen, they make it happen. Nonetheless, punishment for erring policemen with swift and full might of the law becomes a good example for the folly.

SCOOP: Who will be the next PNP chief of police of Lamitan?  Mind you, is there a Lamiteño PNP officer available, qualified,  competent and effective?

Till the next issue, folks.

By Perry S. Lahaman

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