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Peoples' Vigilance


The success of the intelligence and military campaigns against terrorism is seen as the awakening of the civilian communities on the diabolic extremism hard core terrorists. Gone are the days when Muslims would even revere those who stage the senseless carnage that had victimized what were perceived as enemies of Islam. But terrorists have ran out of targets they have turned their explosive devices even on Muslim communities. Recent statistics showed that many of the deadly attacks on civilians accounted for the deaths of not a few Islamists the death toll no longer elicits celebration among those

who had considered terrorists heroes.

The successful raid of the Indonesian military on the terrorist lair led to the termination of Dulmatin, the most wanted Al Qaeda operative in the Asean region. This followed the series of successful police and military campaign in Basilan and Sulu in southern Philippines. These events are hardly coincidental but clearly indicate that the terrorist elements have lost the trust of the communities that have sheltered them before.

It may have taken time and unnecessary loss of life but the awakening of Muslim communities is the dawning of the light that exposed Al Qaeda and its clones. The loss of friendly territories has deprived them of recruitment and training grounds and like what happened to Dulmatin many more terrorist elements will expectedly fall. But then the government peace enforcement can only be successful if the civilian communities can provide them the leads. So far the police and military campaign in Indonesia and the Philippines have succeeded because the civilians’ populace has apparently gone tired and weary of the unending instability and sufferings because of the casualties of terror.

Expect that in the aftermath, the remnants of Al Qaeda might turn their ire on the innocent populace like they are notoriously inclined to do in the last gasp of their existence. The people’s vigilance however can avert this if they trust the government forces. Otherwise, the last vestige of terror might against emerged in their midst, messianic at the start but later becomes horrifying disciples of terror. Clearly now the communities in the island provinces of Sulu and Basilan knew where to cast their lot.

By Menardo Wenceslao

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