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Let’s encourage our children to read


It is important for a student to be a good reader if he wants to attain success in school.

It is often certain that the best students come from the best readers.

It is necessary to read continuously, civilization advances so fast that coping is somewhat difficult. Thus, to be informed of new developments in the sciences, politics, education and arts, one has to read good literature and just to keep on reading.

Reading is a means of presenting to the child the wonderful world where he lives in. Through reading, a child’s horizon is widened and he learns of so many things, important events stories of people and places.

Depending on a child’s exposure, reading maybe regarded as wonderful o disheartening. A child who has acquired the skills for purposeful and pleasurable reading and has used these skills in achieving delightful experiences may find reading a worthwhile activity, on the other hand, a child who has difficulty in gasping the meaning of the printed page and has been in someway subjected to unpleasant situations due to reading difficulty may look a adding as worthless attitude towards the teacher and also towards the school. It may block the student’s educational progress.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults and the reading habits during childhood determine to a great extent the adult reading patterns of the future.

Encouraging our children to read is an important objective that has long-term effects.

Teachers and parents must therefore help create in children the desire and enthusiasm for personal development and to learn more about the world. (Dormahal A. Alip is a Master Teacher I at Sta. Barbara Central School)

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