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What makes a great teacher?


The teacher is the pivotal factor in the teaching-learning process. The improvement of pupils’ performance demands effective learning. Students learn effectively if he who teaches them has the solid knowledge of the subject or field and knows not only the “WHATS” but also the “HOWS”.

But what makes a GREAT teacher? Is sort of a very important question especially to teachers like me.

I have been with many teachers, worked with them and sometimes I cannot help but wonder as to whom among them, if not me, can be considered as a great teacher. In the end I have come up with qualities required.

So, what makes up a great teacher?

1. Always prepared and Organized – They are in their classrooms early and ready to teach. They present lessons in a clear and structured way. Their classrooms are organized in such a way to minimize obstructions.

2. Mastery of the subject Matter – They exhibit expertise in the subjects assigned to them and finds time to continuously study to update themselves. They present materials in an enthusiastic manner and instill in their pupils the “hunger” to learn more on their own.

3. Passion for Teaching – They expect that all their pupils can and will achieve in their classroom, but they also understand that children learn in their own pace.

4. Love for Children – They should have a strong relationship with their pupils and show that they care about them as people. They are warm, approachable, enthusiastic and caring. Teachers with these qualities are known to stay after official time and make themselves available to pupils and parents.

5. Willingness to Change – They should understand that a teacher is in constant struggle with change. One must be open to improvements in order to give what the pupils need to be better members of the society.

It is not a secret that it is never easy to be a great teacher. Just imagine how difficult it is to find the right mix in dealing with children.

I wish I could say that I am good on all these qualities, but then again I am open to change and to improvements. I am happy that I already have the idea of what makes a great teacher and for that I am thankful I am a Teacher.

By Syria S. Dorham – Teacher II, Sta. Barbara Central School

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