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The bombing of a passenger bus in Makati, the country’s prime financial district, sends a strong message that the diabolic forces of terror strike wherever and whenever they have the opportunity to inflict harm to whoever are their targets. The carnage in Makati is just one of the many that they carried out all over the world. They detonate improvised explosive devices where people converge. The suspects are extremists elements who have no regard for whichever faith their victims belong. Their diabolic objective  is equally demonic: the bigger the casualty of innocent civilians the better and they celebrate in orgy as they listen to cry of pain  of those who are maimed and the anguish of those who mourn the death of their beloved.

From the heartlands of Christendom and Mohammedanism  to the seats of capitalism and communism the terrorists have claimed so many innocent lives. Their savagery is condemned in no uncertain terms by civilized world over but unfortunately there are impressionable sectors who still fall prey to the manipulations of terrorist elements who connive with wayward separatist groups who reject initiatives for peace as they are afraid and cannot live in the atmosphere of harmony with the rest in the community.

Which leaves those who value life, peace and orderliness to guard against the terrorist elements who maybe are just waiting for the time to detonate another bomb in still another crowd of innocent people. Someone in that crowd maybe you  or you and  a love one in tow.

By Menardo Wenceslao

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