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Revolt of the taxpayers


For several articles, I have exalted, highlighted, and given paramount recognition and importance to the indispensable role that taxpayers play in the survival and normal operations of our political system.  On several occasions and through various media of mass communication and expression, I made the bold assertion and declaration that without the taxes collected from the people, the government will immediately cease to function. With all candor and seriousness I took the cudgels of bringing to public consciousness the indisputable truth that the taxpayers constitute the primarily pillar or the primary life support system of our political system. Without the taxpayers, the Republic of the Philippines will instantly collapse.

Since the inception of democracy in the Philippines as brokered by the United States, its existence and operation have been sustained by the revenues collected from law-abiding citizens. Out of these monies, the system of public service, defense, diplomacy, and other functions of government have been normally maintained. The honest taxpayers provide all the salaries, allowances, and other benefits of all those who are employed from the highest executive to the lowest worker in government. Without really being conscious that it is not the President of the Republic of the Philippines and other public officials who are the bosses, masters, and lords in this republic but the regular, prompt, and honest taxpayers.

The taxpayers over the entire span of existence of the Philippines Government, as an organized entity, has not taken any initiative or interest in determining how these monies collected from them by the BIR and the other authorized agents, have been utilized by the different instrumentalities of public service. They don’t even require the COA to provide them copies of audit reports. And COA instead of reporting their audit findings to the taxpayers, they present them to the respective heads of departments or units where they are assigned as resident auditors. If anyone, even a taxpayer would ask for some information from a Congressman, Senator, or Military Official, how public funds have been spent, that individual might find himself shot, ignored, and required to get a court order for such purpose. This is most likely the major cause of the massive and systemic graft and corruption in government.  

If taxpayers are treated as slaves instead of the bread earners and providers of government, then there is no other recourse but to organize ourselves solidly into a Federation of Taxpayers of the Philippines and demand that the monies we pay to the government in the form of tax or other kinds of financial impositions must be accounted for properly and correctly to the last centavo. And if graft and corruption is really pervasive and rampant, we taxpayers have all the moral right and the legitimacy to declare a moratorium on the payment of taxes until the entire political system is thoroughly cleansed of scalawags, crooks, and thieves of public funds. This is the imminent revolt that the taxpayers will resort to if the graft and corruption remains uncontrollable.

By Clem M. Bascar

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