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Fiscal coup: Last moral recourse of the people


FISCAL COUP. Perhaps this is the first time for many of you to encounter this term. Because of the word “coup,” I am sure you will immediately and commonly associate it with sudden employment of violent force to seize power from a government, as in the case of a coup d’ etat.

But the fiscal coup that I have personally coined, refers to the total withdrawal of financial support of the citizens by not paying their taxes to the government which has lost its Constitutional mandate to govern and has forfeited its moral integrity to function on account of its general incapacity or impotence to control or curb graft and corruption within its political jurisdictional responsibility.

Today amidst the overwhelming and widespread allegations, revelations, and accusations of graft and corruption in all the echelons and branches of the political hierarchy, it has become of highest expediency and urgency that an over-all and thorough purification or cleansing of the public service bureaucracy must forthrightly be undertaken.

Failure to take prompt and concerted curative action to clean up the government offices, departments, and units of all kinds of swindlers, squanderers, grafters, corrupters, and plunderers of public wealth may drive the taxpayers without any alternative course of action but to collectively withdraw total fiscal support on account of lost of trust and confidence in the national leadership and the entire infrastructure of governance.

When this extreme and desperate scenario unfolds, the taxpaying citizens as one solid entity, stages a fiscal coup for the primary  and sole purpose of bringing about the necessary economic, moral, and political reforms in the different rungs of public administration and services. The entire governmental power pyramid is rendered completely paralyzed much like the instantaneous stalling or stoppage of an engine when the power supply is shut off.

This revolutionary fiscal phenomenon maybe considered for now as farfetched and remotely likely to occur. In fact, the materialization of this freak political event is largely dependent and contingent on the level of awareness and internalization of the fundamental and indispensable role that taxpayers play in the existence and sustenance of governmental operations. Another vital and essential factor that must be present in the total mix of explosive elements for the triggering of this fiscal coup is the collective intensity of the revolutionary sentiment shared by the taxpaying citizens. A kindling point or boiling temperature is necessary to ignite this genre of peaceful uprising unprecedented anywhere else in the world. This Fiscal Coup will only be resorted to by the taxpayers as the last moral recourse to wipe out graft and corruption in the Philippine political system. I hope this will not come to pass within the foreseeable timeline.

By Clem M. Bascar

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