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P-Noy must lead the fiscal coup


The pacific, bloodless, and home-based revolutionary concept of staging a Fiscal Coup or temporary but total withdrawal of financial support to the government by the taxpayers of the Republic of the Philippines, must be fully supported by President, Benigno  Simeon C. Aquino III,  because of the following moral, political, and humanitarian premises and justifications:

l. The Fiscal Coup will only be launched as the last moral recourse of the taxpayers to cleanse the entire political system of grafters, swindlers, squanderers, plunderers, and other notorious highwaymen of their collective fiscal wealth now taking the legal form as the General Appropriations Act of the Republic of the Philippines;

2. The Fiscal Coup is completely non-violent and temporary in nature. The taxpayers will not go to the streets to create any public disturbance or even attention; will not use any kind of harmful arms or weapons, and will not move around to solicit or ask any monetary or logistical support either domestically or externally.

3. The duration of the Fiscal Coup or nonpayment of taxes is contingent on how fast, serious, and effective the mandated authorities and agencies can bring to justice the plunderers and thieves of the taxpayers’ collective wealth. In other words, the political fiscal paralysis will immediately cease upon the complete cleansing of the political system of graft and corruption. 

4. The only moral condition that will be imposed by the taxpayers for the total lifting of the withdrawal of fiscal support to the government, will be the general accounting and auditing of all public funds in all levels of governance by an independent and impartial audit team which will put under its functional responsibility the examination of all intelligence funds provided for by the taxpaying citizens.

5. As the legal political and moral leader of our country, the taxpayers stand solidly behind President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino and in full force as the foundational fiscal support system of the Philippines in his fight against graft and corruption. So there is no justifiable moral reason why he should not support the concept and launching of a FISCAL COUP as the ultimate recourse of the taxpayers to protect and safeguard their own collective wealth.

I think no law-abiding and honest taxpayers will oppose this kind of pacific and conditional fiscal insurrection that will be staged only as the last moral recourse to eliminate graft and corruption in our system of public service and administration.

By Clem M. Bascar

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